Full mobile phone reception, even behind thick walls

Berne, June 18, 2015

Swisscom is launching a new simple solution for business customers to improve reception in buildings. Small cells which are integrated into WLAN access points or the Local Area Network enhance the building's existing mobile phone network. Both LAN/WLAN and mobile telecommunication technologies can be combined thanks to a unique infrastructure.

Today at the Swisscom Dialogue Forum in Lausanne, Swisscom is launching the new Inhouse Mobile Service Standard (Business Femto) to further improve mobile telephony in office buildings. Until now, companies had to enhance their in-house reception with complex and cost-intensive separate installations. The new Inhouse Mobile Service Standard solution can be integrated directly into the existing Local Area Network using either small individual cells known as Femto access points or mobile communication modules for existing WLAN access points. With this new solution, both LAN and mobile telecommunication technologies can be utilised via a single infrastructure. Swisscom developed the solution independently based on Cisco components.

Swisscom is offering the new Inhouse Mobile Service Standard as a Managed Service and tailors every installation perfectly to the customer's situation on site. It is easy for customers to plan and budget for this mobile phone network extension: after the one-off start-up costs, the operation of the whole system is included in the fixed monthly service price. Swisscom is therefore offering an integrated solution that includes hardware and service. Both employees and visitors benefit from improved mobile phone reception in the building.

Full reception in modern buildings

For physical reasons, coated windows and insulated fa├žades act as barriers for mobile phone reception. This reduces reception quality and restricts the bandwidth for data transfer. Exposure limits for mobile phone networks are also around ten times lower in Switzerland than in neighbouring European countries, for example. These stricter limits make it difficult to expand the existing network further. The Femto access points are therefore a potential solution for improving reception inside buildings. The shorter distance to the antenna and the associated better connection quality also reduce the transmission power required from devices.


The new Inhouse Mobile Service Standard from Swisscom is available now.