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Accounts payable workflow

The electronic accounts payable workflow simplifies and speeds up the invoice approval process, thereby reducing processing costs.

Adapt solutions quickly

Tell us what you want and we will adapt your ICT infrastructure quickly and without complications.

All-in Signing Service

Legally binding digital signatures anywhere, any time, on any device.

Amazon Web Services by Swisscom

Swisscom managed services and professional services for companies seeking access to Amazon’s global cloud. The focus is on integration and migration.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

Using analytics, we can underpin your corporate strategy, to enable you to make the right decisions in the most efficient way.

Application, Web and Database Server Hosting

Server hosting for applications, databases, backups and web hosting – flexible and cost-efficient.

Application Cloud

Scale and implement innovative applications as needed within minutes and benefit from an extremely short time-to-market.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Integrated consideration of all business-relevant aspects over the entire lifecycle of your SAP solutions.

Application Operation

Swisscom Application Operation: More secure operation of your applications, reliable handling of operating processes.

Artificial Intelligence

The Swisscom/EPFL Artificial Intelligence Competence Centre helps Swiss companies to use artificial intelligence easily and quickly.

Audit Guard

Logs user and system activities on sensitive data and report breaches of industry-specific standards.

AVANTI Core Applications

AVANTI Core Applications provide a central hub for the capture and exchange of all data and information.

AVANTI Equipment Management

AVANTI Equipment Management is a stock management system with web shops for full equipment management in one application.

AVANTI Mobile Solutions

AVANTI Mobile Solutions enable you to access all relevant data for real-time use.

AVANTI Office Solutions

AVANTI Office Solutions meet all requirements for the provision of a smoothly functioning back office.

AVANTI Operations Control System

The AVANTI Operations Control System provides a complete overview, facilitates correct decision-making and supports seamless collaboration.


AVANTI Roster is suitable for roster and preparedness planning and facilitates detailed resource planning.

Azure from Swisscom

The Microsoft® Cloud adapts flexibly to your company and to your needs – Swisscom brings the cloud to your company.

Banking Business Services

Outsource on-going business processes and benefit from an attractive price/performance ratio.

Business Intelligence

Central data storage, multi-dimensional data analysis, reporting at the push of a button thanks to modern Business Intelligence tools.

Business Numbers

Your customers can contact your company quickly and directly — the right solution for any business model.

Cisco Network Solutions

Comprehensive Cisco LAN, WLAN, SDN and security data portfolio with end-to-end integration solutions, as VAR or professional services.

Cisco Spark

Spark is an app- and cloud-based complete service that supports teamwork by means of meeting, notification, phone call, white board and release functions.

Cisco WebEx from Swisscom

Simple, efficient collaboration in a virtual meeting room thanks to the Cisco WebEx communication solution.

Client Hardware Service

Various services relating to hardware: Acquisition, connection and operation of end devices, lifecycle management, user support, repair services, etc. All for a fixed monthly price. Find out more about the Client Hardware Service now.

Client Migration and Rollout

Efficient, secure migration of workplace systems such as Windows or Office. Swisscom checks application compatibility for the new system and implements the rollout. Find out about Client Migration and Rollout now.

Cloud Contact Center

You can improve your customer experience with the Cloud Contact Center without having to limit your options to a specific technology or invest in infrastructure.

Cloud Foundry

With Enterprise Application Cloud, an effective tool that seamlessly incorporates great dynamics into the development of new business models has been created. Thanks to the advanced Platform as a Service, applications are scaled according to needs and made available within minutes. Application instances can be easily managed and customised to your needs. The marketplace offers a variety of services for support and features in the areas of storage, database and messaging capabilities.

COMBOX® pro & Professional Voice

The COMBOX® pro is your mobile answerphone with an acoustic business card. Your customers will be impressed by your professional COMBOX® message.

Commercial Business

Optimum hardware and software acquisition thanks to Swisscom. The product range includes around 60,000 items. You benefit from the favourable terms and conditions of Swisscom as a bulk purchaser. Find out about Commercial Business.

Compliance & Security Consulting

Holistic management of SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance for data security at your company

Conferencing Services

Worldwide teleconferences with desktop-sharing and Instant Messaging. Pay for what you need. For complex conferences, the Swisscom Conferencing Team is able to give you personal assistance at any time.

Connected Workplace Service

Holistic management solution for virtual workplaces including administration of business applications. Central data storage in the Swisscom data centre.

Connectivity Management Platform Low Power Network

Low Power Network – Switzerland’s only nationwide network for the Internet of Things.

Connectivity Management Platform Mobile

Simple, intuitive management of all your connected IoT devices with CMP Mobile.

Connectivity Management Platform Stores

The complete B2B2C solution for independent prepaid SIM card management for your customers.

Connectivity Management Platform Vodafone

Globally secure connectivity management for all connected devices.

Container Services

Container services are Swisscom’s cloud orchestration services for every application that can be made available via container.

Converged Data Center Solutions

Your virtualised data center solution with server, storage and network, supplemented with Swisscom services.

Corporate Mobile Network (CMN and NATEL® data basic)

The mobile subscription for your company with individual tariff models. You always get the best connection for your smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

CRM Solutions

CRM-Lösungen für kleine und grosse Unternehmen.


Modernising a doctor’s practice made easy: curaMED requires only a computer and an Internet connection – no installation and no infrastructure investment.

Customer Interaction Management

Tailored solutions for companies, irrespective of industry and size; available to purchase or rent throughout Switzerland and internationally.

Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM consulting that makes your customer-centric processes in marketing, sales, service centers and after sales more professional.

Cyber Security Assessment

Security experts identify cyber risks in your company and provide an assessment of the current situation with appropriate recommendations.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention: Reveals unauthorised interactions early on and prevents the unauthorised extraction of sensitive data from your company.

Deactivation of the "Fixnet SMS" service

A lot has changed since the introduction of the SMS service for the fixed network 12 years ago. Around four fifths of the population now have a smartphone. These offer numerous possibilities for sending messages via third-party apps like WhatsApp or Skype. And these developments have a direct impact on the fixed-network SMS service. The number of users has dropped dramatically.

Device as a Service

Professional device management with minimum device downtimes.

Device Management Platform

Device Management Platform – Connect, manage and integrate IoT end devices in the business process.

Digital Identification & Signing

The simplest way of opening an account. Identify yourself and sign documents digitally.


With the digital document-sharing platform, companies can send all documents, such as contracts, bills and letters, directly to their customers' secure, personal online storage space.

Document Services

Our Document Services include follow-me printing, mobile printing and capturing services. Swisscom thus helps you to accelerate processes and save costs. Find out about Document Services now.

Double Robotics

Flexibly participate and move freely at meetings and workshops anywhere. A smartphone, iPad or laptop ensures your (tele-)presence on site.

Dynamic Computing Services

Obtain a virtual IT infrastructure from Swisscom data centers in Switzerland. Dynamically adapt the IT infrastructure to business requirements.

Dynamic Database

Oracle database-as-a-service to round off your complete IT solution. You can start operation within the shortest of times thanks to the professional provision of Oracle databases by our experienced experts. The services can be acquired via the cloud or outsourcing.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing provides monitored delivery of emergency calls to defined numbers and can activate relevant representative functions.

Dynamic Workplace Framework

Agile framework for your workplace environment at a fixed monthly price. Available for Rich Workplace and Connected Workplace platforms. Find out about Dynamic Workplace Framework now.


eAlarm emergency, a professional managed alarm service for emergency and crisis situations: flexible, efficient, infrastructure-independent and reliable.

EBICS as a Service

EBICS as a Service guarantees secure data exchange between financial institutions and corporate clients. The service supports the ISO 20022 standard.


The solution for an easy, quick and secure exchange of electronic procurement data.


Using eFaktura to exchange administrative data with partners in the healthcare sector and send XML files securely and universally.

Efficient billing

Optimised invoice processing allows you to increase transparency, to go paperless and reduce manual work significantly. We help make invoice processing easier, more secure and more efficient for you.

e-foresight Think Tank

Record opportunities and trends in digital banking at an early stage with e-foresight.


The electronic and VAT-compliant invoicing process performs many time-consuming process steps.

E-Invoicing PDF

Simple sending of PDF invoices via e-mail.

Electronic invoices to the federal government

The solution for electronic billing with federal enterprises.

Eliminate faults quickly

Work without having to worry about your ICT infrastructure or solutions.


Enterprise Mobility Management protects your corporate data on mobile devices.

Enterpise SIP

Secure IP connection of your existing communication systems to the fixed network in order to make calls free of charge across locations.

Enterprise Application Cloud

Scale and implement innovative applications as needed within minutes and benefit from an extremely short time-to-market.

Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions

Enterprise Cloud for SAP Solutions: fail-safe SAP Classic and SAP HANA-certified and auditable infrastructure services with practical Managed Services

Enterprise Connect

Order, interact and respond to requirements quickly in real time via an online dashboard using virtualised network services.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) maximizes the value of information by making both structured and unstructured content accessible and manageable.

Enterprise Information Management

Solutions for holistic information management in your company, from planning and development to operation.

Enterprise Internet

Customised solutions for professional Internet access.

Enterprise LAN

Standardised LAN networking solution for small and medium branch locations, without having to invest in expensive components.

Enterprise Network On Premises

Reliable LAN infrastructure, simple hardware logistics and proactive monitoring thanks to our maintenance and operation services.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The leading SAP ERP consulting service, which aligns and optimises your company processes using an integrative approach.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search offers you a secure and up-to-the-minute company-wide search function for all file formats. Swisscom integrates it ideally into your IT system landscape.

Enterprise Search 4.0

Great flexibility with the new version of Enterprise Search 4.0 thanks to the individual configurability.

Enterprise Service Cloud

The cloud made in Switzerland that accelerations your transformation into the digital future.

Enterprise Service Management

Your business processes will become digital, mobile and dynamic thanks to ServiceNow.

Enterprise WAN

Consolidate all local networks (LANs) at all national and international locations into a single communications infrastructure.


Simplify the electronic procurement processes for products or services with IT support.

Event App

The modular, interactive Swisscom Event App orchestrates any type of event. Live voting, comment function, in-app chat, quiz, media integration and more.


With the Evita personal health record, Swisscom Health offers solutions that enable the storage and digital exchange of medical data and information.

Field Service

On-site help with problems with IT workstations: Swisscom offers on-site hardware replacement, on-site administration services as well as VIP support for really fast solutions. Find out about the Field Service now.

Financial Information & Trading Services

Comprehensive advice, assistance and support in relation to financial information, trading and risk management systems, as well as share management.

Fraud Prevention Service

Fraud Prevention Service: efficient and modern fraud prevention from Swisscom and NetGuardians.

Front Solutions

Refine customer relationships with intelligent sales and portal solutions.

Full Service Provider

We enable you to concentrate on your core business using innovative SAP solutions.

Health Connect

Swisscom Health Connect is the data hub for tomorrow’s healthcare industry.

Hosted Exchange

The large number of Swisscom Hosted Exchange services, including AddOn and Cloud Migration Services, can be customised to your company’s requirements.

Huawei Network Solutions

Comprehensive range of products for in-house communication with consistent integration solutions – for reselling or professional services.

Identity & Access Management

Centrally manage and monitor digital identities, roles and rights.Centrally manage and monitor digital identities, roles and rights.

Implement projects efficiently

We support your ICT projects and handle all of the necessary tasks from A to Z, including training.

Improve your customer service with AI

Artificial Intelligence from Swisscom and EPFL will enable you to improve your customer service, whatever channels you use. You can help your staff and customers to find the best solution much more quickly and easily, increasing both customer satisfaction and productivity.

Incident processing

Fully digitalised incident processing for all processes and functions of a state-of-the-art reporting solution for the emergency services.

Inhouse Mobile Service

Optimal connection of your business premises to 3G/4G mobile services, tailored to your requirements.

Insurance card query service

View insured person information at any time with our reliable and secure insurance card query service.

Integration projects and consulting

Integration projects and consulting for cross-company processes.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things, machine-to-machine: Yesterday’s buzzwords have long had a significant influence on today’s economy. The world is interconnected – everything communicates with everything. This inevitably changes the ways in which companies work.

IT Business Continuity

IT Business Continuity for protection in the event of IT downtime, by means of risk evaluation, prompt data recovery.

IT Service Desk

With our IT Service Desk, problems with IT workstations can be rectified quickly. Thanks to comprehensive professional help you save time and optimise productivity. Find out about the IT Service Desk now.

IT Service Management

Application Measuring, Multiprovider Management Compliance Reporting, Notification Services and Advanced Reporting – transparent and optimised.

Journey to the Cloud Services

Design your IT of the future together with us in the cloud and guide your company towards digitisation step-by-step and at our own pace, without relinquishing any control of the processes.

Mail Security

Provides your users with reliable and comprehensive protection against spam, viruses, spyware and phishing. The simple cloud solution for all mail servers.

Managed AVAS

Effective protection from viruses and spam for your network and your e-mail systems. Find out more about the possibilities of Managed AVAS.

Managed Business Communication

Modern telephony solution at a fixed monthly price. Ideal for small and medium enterprises and companies with a branch structure. Find out more about Managed Business Communication now.

Managed Network Security (MSS-i)

The 24/7 protection of your company network is guaranteed by the experts from the Swisscom Security Operation Center.

Managed Print Service (MPS)

Managed Print Service for optimum, economical operation of your entire printer and scanner infrastructure. With Switzerland-wide First Level Support and IMACD services.

Managed PWLAN

High-performance wireless Internet access for your visitors, guests and customers.

Managed Session Border Controller

The reliable system that makes it easier to switch to IP communication.

Managed Supplier Rollout

Using the Managed Supplier Rollout, you can easily expand your electronic procurement and invoicing processes to a wide variety of suppliers. The better the rollout is planned, the faster you will benefit from the many advantages of Conextrade.

Managed UCC

With Managed UCC, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Swisscom offers a complete solution for non-location dependent collaboration on any device.

Managing solutions online

Thanks to the user-friendly eServices, you can manage your solutions simply and efficiently here while also reducing the time needed for your business processes.


The MedicalConnector is a universal and secure data communication solution that is used to interconnect service providers in the health sector.


MedicalShare enables easy, secure, worldwide transfer of documents and image data to recipients without MedicalConnector.

Microsoft® Cloud Services from Swisscom

Extend your Microsoft® Office 365 applications into a 360° office from the cloud and adds to these services additional ones such as Enterprise Voice, Connectivity, Managed Services, hybrid architectures and many others, all tailored to your needs.

Microsoft® Dynamics 365 from Swisscom

Microsoft® Dynamics 365 stands for the new generation of intelligent business solutions with which you can pave the way for growth, further development and the digital transformation of your company.

Microsoft® Office 365 from Swisscom

Microsoft® Office 365 from Swisscom is a complete business solution available on subscription for companies of all sizes.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Microsoft Surface Hub Service is the ideal Work Smart device to allow you to turn interactive collaboration into the most productive aspect of your everyday work.

Middle & Back Office Solutions

Procure additional solutions with business-critical functions for core banking systems.

Mobile Device Portfolio

Conveniently order the right smartphone or tablet for your business needs online: iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Mobile ID

Two-factor authentication as a managed service for businesses, online portals and authorities.

Mobile Payment

Enable your customers to pay securely and simply via their mobile phone bill.

Mobile Services

Record and archive mobile telephone calls and SMS messages.

Mobile Voice Recording

Optimal protection thanks to digitised voice recording.

Mobility for Work

Mobility for Work allows your employees to experience the mobile working of the future.


MultiChannel saves time by automatically sending out medical documents using the channel preferred by the recipient.

NATEL® business infinity plus & business data

Get the right mobile subscription for every connection: flat rates for smartphones, data subscriptions for tablets and notebooks and pay-per-use mobile subscriptions.

NATEL® data remote subscription will be discontinued

NATEL® data remote subscription will be discontinued

NATEL® go Swisscom

The new world of mobility: Solutions tailored to your mobile communication.

Open Banking Hub

Open Banking Hub connects providers and users of API services. The secure platform enables easy digital exchanges in the financial ecosystem.

Opticallink Services

The transport service for heavy and complex data traffic based on optical fibre.

Output management and printing services

Processing of customer invoices, from preparation and printing to placing them in envelopes and finally dispatch.

Platform Services

Integrate and operate services for leading integrated banking services.

Portals and mobile/web applications

Planning, development, integration, operation, introduction and support for your modern collaboration solution. Discover it now.

Private Line

Lease your own, protocol-independent lines. In Switzerland or worldwide.

Process Integration

To us, process integration means: customised services for integrating customers, partners and suppliers into your business processes.

Product Lifecycle & Portfolio- and Project Management

Optimal product lifecycle management and efficient product & project management thanks to the reliable SAP solution.

Professional Services

Let our experts help you to adapt your data centre architecture to the new ICT requirements and benefit from the combination with cloud computing.

Providing active support for solutions

Rely on an ICT infrastructure and we will take care of the operation and maintenance.

Public Application Cloud

Scale and implement innovative applications as needed within minutes and benefit from an extremely short time-to-market.

Remote Access Service

Enables you to access your company network anytime, anywhere.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services

You keep your IT infrastructure -- we operate it in a secure and professional manner.

Rich Workplace

Holistic management solution for client workplaces, including software distribution, software packaging, asset management and best-practice security.


ROOMZ Server is a central room booking system, which allows you to use and manage room space efficiently on displays that are installed on-site.

SAP Application Management Service

Whether for SAP ERP, BI, PO, FIORI or similar systems: our operations specialists manage all your SAP applications, flexibly, expertly and reliably.

SAP Development

We adapt standard solutions from SAP in line with the specific requirements of your company. So that you can gain an advantage in the market.


Turbo for SAP landscapes: SAP HANA ensures prompt availability of company-critical information.

SAP Outsourcing Service

Our experts manage your SAP systems on flexible IT platforms – highly secure, redundant and reliable in Swisscom’s data centres.

SAP Outtasking Service

Our experts will look after your SAP systems professionally, reliably and flexibly, taking pressure off your IT department when it comes to system care.

SAP S/4HANA transformation

SAP S/4HANA Transformation Factory guides SAP customers securely from SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA in a standardised and resource-saving manner.

SAP strategy and management consulting

Swisscom offers you holistic and technologically innovative advisory services for SAP and supports you in developing new and sustainable business models.

SAP technology consulting

Together with Swisscom, design and plan your complex multi-level SAP system landscapes, including technological innovations.


With Scanning2E-Invoicing, Swisscom scans and digitalises your creditor invoices, simplifying your work process.

Security Solution Consulting

Individual consulting for tailored security solutions based on your business requirements.

Sending SMS / MMS messages

Quickly, easily and cheaply send large quantities of SMS and MMS messages anywhere in the world.

Smart Metering

Smart metering offers public utilities in every sector a new option of interacting with customers and complying with regulatory guidelines.

SMS / MMS Application Service Providers

Our SMS / MMS partners (Application Service Providers) help you to implement your mobile service.

Software Packaging

Efficient deployment of software and easy distribution of applications in your workplace. Swisscom deals with everything from analysis to quality assurance. Find out about Software Packaging now.

Sourcing models

Selective or comprehensive outsourcing of non-differentiating bank processes in the Swisscom processing center.


Save and access data anywhere and with any device. Sharing documents with internal and external partners.

Swiss and international archiving

Long-term electronic archiving simplifies the managing, evaluating and provision of invoices for an audit.

Swisscom Ethernet Services

Reliable, high-speed, Ethernet-based networking.

Swisscom Line company

The fixed network connection for the new IP technology.

Swisscom Management Consulting

Swisscom Consulting: umfassende und nachhaltige Beratung für die digitale Transformation Ihrer Bank.

Swisscom Opticallink Services (SOS)

The transport service for high-speed and complex data traffic on an optical basis.

Swisscom Sharespace

Swisscom Sharespace provides the latest generation of the intranet: virtual workspaces thanks to individually expandable modules based on SharePoint 2013. Find out more about Sharespace from Swisscom.

Swiss Trust Room

The highest security level for exchanging information confidentially within C-level committees or within confidential projects.

Telehousing metro

Telehousing metro offers you a secure home for your IT in one of our nine Telehousing data centers.


With Software Testing from Swisscom, you can test the processes, quality and performance of SAP and other standard solutions under real conditions.

The Conextrade Portal

Issue and send invoices online – easily, quickly and free of charge.

Threat Detection & Response

Obtain an overview of potential security incidents and get professional support in the event of cyber security attacks.


triaMED is the medical information system for doctor's practices, medical centres and doctor's practice chains.

TWINT Whitelabel Services

TWINT white label services – the complete solution for rapid access to mobile payments customised to the bank’s look and feel.


A solution based on your individual needs. Tell us what you need & Swisscom will provide it for you. Discover the possibilities of system integration now.

Unify Circuit

With Circuit, we offer you everything you need for efficient teamwork within a single application.


Make use of our expertise in information and communications technology (ICT).

Workspace & Collaboration

New forms of collaboration


Digitaler Fax als Managed Service: sicheres und effizientes Fax- und Dokumentenmanagement


ZeroFax Business is a digital fax service that, in combination with integrated Swisscom products, offers secure document exchange on two channels.

Zscaler Web Security

The effective Swiss cloud-based solution provides comprehensive protection for your company and employees on the web, independently of location.