Cloud analytics:
making it simpler to use AI and big data

From data to results

The biggest hurdles to using company data profitably are data silos, high complexity, lack of governance and manual, analogue processes.


We can advise you across all cloud and analytics areas with individual support – from the concept and implementation to operation.


From initial concepts and solution architectures to an embedded and comprehensive strategy on how to deal with big data and exploit its potential – we support you all the way.


We build your individual solution. An iterative and transparent approach produces fast and targeted results.


We take care of your daily operational activities, such as monitoring, availability, backup and operational tasks, and also provide optimisation recommendations.

A strong team: analytics and cloud

Cloud analytics solutions are becoming increasingly popular: Easy to use, accessible and quick to deploy, they have an accelerator effect for companies that want to extract business-relevant insights from data.

Better cost efficiency through elastic scaling

High vertical integration

Benefit from software innovations

A solution to fit your use case

A company's data strategy is as individual as the company itself. We work with you to develop individual solutions – in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid model. Typical use cases include modernising a data warehouse in the cloud, processing and analysing IoT data or creating a data lake for innovative ML and AI use cases.

  • Quality assurance

    in real time

    Goods inspection company SGS is increasing quality assurance with IoT: sensors monitor huge grain silos in several countries. As soon as the temperature, humidity or CO2 content changes negatively, the silo operator is informed.

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Azure from Swisscom

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Tap into the power of a flexible cloud computing platform. Swisscom supports you on your journey to the Azure Cloud with a comprehensive portfolio.

AWS from Swisscom

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AWS services from Swisscom provide a secure and powerful foundation for your innovation. Swisscom offers expert support – from cloud solution design to operation.

SAP Analytics

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Integrate and evaluate data, predict events and make the right decisions quickly. We work with you to develop your analytics and big data solution.

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Use all data

Increase productivity, understand customers better or react in real time using multi-structural data.

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State-of-the-art solutions: on premise, in the cloud or hybrid – exactly where you need the data.

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Fast results

An iterative and agile approach gives you fast results.

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