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Card Services with CardOne

Card Services with CardOne

Card Services helps you simplify payment card management and improve customer experience. The fully digital solution for streamlined banking processes – bundled, clear and up to date.

Simplified card management for banks

Card Services with CardOne is a flexible off-the-shelf solution that we can individually tailor to your requirements and customers using defined business rules. The tool is integrated seamlessly into your web portal or e-banking system. Customer experience is enhanced, while your employees can offer higher-quality advice thanks to a lower error rate and more streamlined processes.

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Kaan Erdenay

Head of Card Solutions

Your benefits with Card Services with CardOne

Below is an overview of how your bank and customers can benefit from the card management tool. By fully supporting digitisation, you can create a unique digital customer experience.


  • Card master data is available immediately, so you can give your customers better advice more quickly.

  • Fully automated processes increase processing quality and reduce the error rate.

  • The solution is configured for the individual bank and remains flexible, even after implementation.

  • Bundling of card issuer interfaces relieves the pressure on core banking systems and minimises the administrative workload.

  • Payment methods are adjusted B2B and B2B2C in real time.

  • No additional software is needed, thanks to integration of the system into your existing customer portal.

  • High flexibility thanks to operation in your own or an external data centre, such as a Swisscom or third-party data centre.

  • Different analysis options and a full overview of all payment methods and recent customer activity at any time.

Bank customers

  • Greater flexibility thanks to payment method management anywhere, anytime through the CardOne Self Service Tool.

  • Real-time changes to requirements.

  • Greater autonomy and shorter waiting times.

  • Clear, intuitive dashboard.

  • No additional user management or media discontinuity thanks to access via e-banking or customer portal.

  • New card issuer functionalities are constantly being expanded.

  • Prepaid cards can be loaded directly by the customer via the CardOne Self-Service Tool and the money is available immediately.

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