Digital Channel Recorder

The solution for ensuring compliance, legal security and fraud detection on digital channels

The Digital Channel Recorder seamlessly records all interactions on all digital channels. Insurance, finance or other companies of the digital economy – regardless of your industry, your compliance officers and risk specialists can reconstruct transactions in their entirety or check them on a case-by-case basis.

All interactions with customers or employees are recorded by the Digital Channel Recorder in real time and can be played back like a film if necessary. All activities on digital channels, as well as the information the company publishes there, can be retraced at any time.

Reduce your legal and compliance risks through unambiguous recording of web-based activities and information and playback as required


The audit trail recorded by the Digital Channel Recorder is incontestable and acceptable as evidence by auditors and supervisory authorities.

Unequivocal legal

Unambiguous playback of all activities protects your company, customers and employees from expensive legal disputes.

security standards

Interactions are recorded according to the strictest international security standards.


Benefit from the multifunctionality of the Digital Channel Recorder

Benefit from our flexible pricing model

Get everything from a single source

The Digital Channel Recorder provides evaluable information about user behaviour as well as big data analysis possibilities.

You can control the cost of operation and usage according to your own needs.

With Swisscom you have a single point of contact for infrastructure and licenses.

Benefit from our end-to-end support

Your data is secure in the “Shared Banking Zone”

Your data remains in Switzerland

We accompany you from implementation to operation through to further development and support.

The servers are subject to special measures to protect the customer data stored there.

Swisscom is a traditional company operating under Swiss law. Your data stays here.

How the Digital Channel Recorder works


Our partner

Qumram is a renowned Swiss start-up that has already won a number of awards, such as the Swiss FinTech Award 2017 as the “Growth Startup of the Year”, the Swisscom Startup Challenge Winner and “Most Innovative FinTech” at the Wealth Briefing Awards, as well as the American “FinTech Breakthrough Award” as “Best Company” in the “RegTech” category.

Getting started with Digital Channel Recorder

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