Recognise and monitor money-laundering risks linked to crypto currencies

Crypto AML Compliance helps you meet your due diligence obligations under Swiss anti-money laundering rules, spotting risk profile changes early thanks to automatic monitoring.

Your benefits with Crypto AML Compliance

Various technical components and services help you meet your due diligence obligations.

Modern data
analysis tools

Risk-relevant information is taken from the blockchain and compared with pertinent databases.


Depending on your requirements, you can access an automatic risk analysis, automatic report or due diligence assessment by experts.

Connection to
existing systems

With API, the service can be linked to booking and custody systems, and integrated into existing compliance rules.


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Nicolas Kilchenmann

Expert Compliance

Crypto AML Compliance in detail

Crypto AML Compliance has a modular structure and provides needs- and rule-based services.
Depending on requirements, the service includes one-off or constant risk classification and an in-depth due diligence assessment. Experts can help you with beneficial ownership verification and integration into existing compliance rules. 

Modern data analysis tools can be used to automatically monitor the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism linked to blockchain addresses, cryptocurrency transactions and wallet users. For example, transaction flows and interactions with exchanges, mixers and the darknet can be identified, monitored and compared with databases. A one-off or ongoing risk assessment can be carried out. 

The in-depth due diligence assessment includes a manual risk analysis by crypto compliance experts. In order to ensure that the analysed data is complete and accurate, it is decrypted, analysed and extracted using various data analysis tools. The information is then compressed and compared with the risk criteria of the Swiss Money Laundering Regulation. Finally, a risk report is created. 

Since private key owners, in principle, have unlimited access to the cryptocurrencies in a wallet, they should be the beneficial owner of the wallet address. We are happy to help you verify the beneficial ownership of crypto assets. 

An experienced team of crypto compliance experts can help you design crypto compliance rules and integrate them into existing compliance rules. 

Money-laundering risks with cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain provide numerous opportunities to secretly feed illegally acquired assets into the financial and economic system. These are linked to the technology on which cryptocurrencies are based and the various ways in which they can be acquired, traded and used.

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