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Digital Identification & Signing

Sign contracts legally online –
an unprecedented customer experience

Managed Service Digital Identification & Signing (DIS) from Swisscom allows your company to digitally sign any contract with new or existing customers as simply as 1, 2, 3. A Swisscom call agent uses advanced technology to identify the customer in a short video interview and checks his or her identity for authenticity. The customer only needs a videophone device and an official form of ID. This allows any contract to be signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), as the equivalent of a handwritten signature, so that the desired products can be immediately accessed or supplied.

Various areas exist in which the Managed Service can be used:

  • Entering into a customer relationship with a bank online
  • Re-registering existing customers for regulatory reasons
  • Online registration on highly secure portals from government authorities, healthcare providers and similar
  • Various other applications that we would be more than happy to develop with you

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any advice.

Our Managed Service Digital Identification & Signing is available in four languages (German, French, Italian, English), six days a week (Mon. to Sat.), 14 hours/day.


Conclude a contract in less than 10 minutes

URefer to the interactive graphic to find out more about the easy process of digital video identification and contract signing.

The following video illustrates the process.


Benefits for your company

Benefits to your customers

Our Managed Service Digital Identification & Signing creates a unique, digital customer experience while relieving the burden on your physical distribution channels.

The Managed Service DIS from Swisscom allows you to increase your conversion rate for digital customer acquisitions considerably.

By expanding your digital service portfolio with the Managed Service DIS for natural and legal persons, you underline your image as an innovative and digital service provider.

The pay-per-use fee model and automation of your processes allows you to reduce your costs and the amount of time and effort you expend.

Swisscom guarantees the best service for your company: The service can be flexibly integrated into your existing systems, whether upstream, for identification purposes, or downstream for identification and signatures.

Your customers benefit from a secure and location-independent service which allows them to complete business transactions with you more efficiently thanks to shorter lead times.

Our Managed Service Digital Signing & Identification allows you to raise the level of convenience for your customers. Your customers no longer need to present themselves in person when they sign a contract.

Your customers receive almost instantaneous confirmation of their identity and benefit from using the service they have ordered almost immediately.


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