KMU Financial World

The online solution with which banks simplify the financial processes of your SME customers

KMU Financial World is a modularly structured online solution with which banks simplify the financial transactions of your SME customers. With very little administrative effort required, it offers your customers an inexpensive online bookkeeping service, current key financial indicators, management information and much more.

The service is being fully integrated into the existing e-banking and core-banking environment, and therefore forms a central interface between the bank and the SME.

Your expert

Marcel Zuberbühler

Senior Expert Management Consulting Banking

Consolidate your main banking relationship to your SME customers over the long term

Innovative service

You can strengthen main banking relationships with your SME customers with simple processes.


With KMU Financial World, use cross-selling opportunities with existing SME customers.

Valuable information

You’ll receive insights and information about the financial and risk situations of your customers.


Keep your infrastructure

Don’t leave your data security to chance

Rely on our service

Integrate this product in your existing systems.

Your data is backed up repeatedly in multiple locations.

We are ready to address your concerns around the clock.

Modular structure

The following diagram provides an overview of current and future elements of KMU Financial World.

You can find a detailed description of the modules here:

Implemented modules

Modules in development

Getting started with KMU Financial World

What our customers say

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Modules in development

Four other modules – based in part on the Online Accountant module – are currently in development.

Cash Management

With the Cash Management module, the SME can professionally plan and optimally manage its liquidity. For your bank, they open up the possibility of offering tailored banking products to your SME customer.

Expense Report

The Expense Report module makes it easier for SMEs to settle expenses with their employees. Thanks to the integration of the module into KMU Financial World, an additional media discontinuity is avoided, and the posting of expenses is more efficient.


The E-Factoring module supports SMEs in the pre-financing of its invoices by qualified investors. The entire invoicing process is digitized, increasing efficiency significantly.

Payroll Accounting

With the Payroll Accounting module, the SME benefits from the opportunities of integrated payroll and integrated staff management (HR administration, payroll processing, payroll reporting and annual final account).