The fraud prevention solution to help banks improve their security

Fraud Prevention Service is a service provided by Swisscom and NetGuardians that protects your bank system against fraud. The behaviour of your customers during transactions and the daily activities of your employees are monitored in real time and analysed continuously. Suspicious transactions are therefore blocked and you are notified immediately in risky situations.

With this turn-key service, you ensure your compliance and meet the requirements of your end users. Fraud Prevention Service is a flexible solution that is tailored to your individual requirements and is 100% Swiss.

Your expert

Bernard Hofmann

Member of the Management Team Core Banking

Protect your bank efficiently against financial setbacks and damage to your image.

Monitoring algorithms

You will not miss any unusual activities thanks to behavioural analysis.

Notification system

You will be informed immediately in critical situations.

Expert know-how

You will be informed immediately in critical situations. Gain access to a comprehensive skills network for all your questions



you keep your infrastructure

you don’t have to worry about maintenance

you only pay for exactly what you need

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

We regularly carry out checks to ensure your infrastructure functions smoothly.

Flexible price models allow increased financial freedom.

this is a one-stop application

you learn from our experts

your data remains in Switzerland

You have a single contact partner for your communications infrastructure.

Experienced employees are happy to pass on their knowledge and expertise to you.

Swisscom is a traditional Swiss company operating under Swiss law. Your data stays here.

Fraud Prevention Service at a glance

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