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Business Platform

Business Platform

Standardised and networked business platform
Economies of scale thanks to volume bundling
One point of contact for introduction, operation and application management

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Mr Oliver Siepmann

+41 58 225 88 61

Extensive services for banks on an integrated platform

Swisscom provides banks with access to a fully integrated banking solution that is linked to the outside world for their core business. Banks can process their entire banking business via the Business Platform.

The integrated banking solution is based on the Finnova software, which is well-established on the market and has been developed with the future in mind.

The benefits for you

  • As a bank, using our Business Platform and our Outsourcing Services provides you with more scope to focus on your core business.
  • Swisscom provides banks with effective reductions in their workload when it comes to processes where no USP can be generated (e.g. payments processing, securities processing).
  • Always up-to-date regarding technologies and regulatory requirements
  • Tried-and-tested solution, used by around 50 banks
  • High-security data storage and processing, exclusively in Switzerland

The four Business Platform product variants

Business Platform Basic

Standardised service package for all banks, from banking support and integration to the required infrastructure.

Business Platform Options

Standardised banking products for the expanded needs of banks.

Business Platform Tailored Solutions

Banking products developed to order for a bank's specific needs.

Tailored Data Processing Solutions

IT services for the workstation – hardware and software packages, optional service packages.

Additional outsourcing services based on the Business Platform: Banking Business Services

Swisscom takes over certain elements of back office and support processes and handles payments and securities processing on the Business Platform.