Web Application Security

Web Application Security to prevent unauthorised access

Take advantage of our Web Application Security solution and ensure adequate protection for your banking IT infrastructure if you open up your Web environment to third-party ecosystems and cross-system digitisation projects. A central Web Application Firewall (WAF) and stable Identity and Access Management (IAM) effectively secure the Web applications and mobile solutions in your ecosystem against attacks and unwanted access.

Secure and user friendly

Our Web Application Security solution is based on Ergon Informatik’s Airlock product, which protects applications, API interfaces and data from identity theft and other attacks from the Internet. While WAF and IAM authenticate and authorise every access, an API gateway is available for the secure connection of peripheral systems. It goes without saying that two-factor authentication (2FA) based on FIDO2 specifications is integrated in the IAM.


Identity federation is used if reconciliation is required across system boundaries to enable the anonymisation of individual information. This also enables a secure reconciliation of identity and authentication information between different organisations’ IT infrastructures.


In addition to meeting the most demanding compliance requirements, the solution is highly scalable, permitting short time-to-market cycles. The simple, intuitive processes also add value for your users. The high usability of our central security infrastructure ensures positive customer experiences, inspires trust and creates positive associations with your brand, bringing you closer to your customers.

Your benefits

Requirements-based performance models (SaaS, dedicated servers)

Data storage and operation exclusively in Switzerland (ISO 27001)

Many years of expertise with a broad range of services and scalability

When is it the right solution?

Are you looking for a centrally controllable, highly available and secure solution to protect your ecosystem, including Web applications and mobile solutions?
Web Application Security from Swisscom gives you a cost-efficient, standardised solution that can be individually adapted to your requirements. Different models are available for operation.

What’s in it for you:

  • State-of-the-art solution for Web application security
  • WAF, customer IAM, API interfaces and 2FA
  • Operation in the cloud, on VM or in container environment

Swiss mobile telecommunications partnership

Why Swisscom?

  • Market leader: Switzerland’s largest competence centre for Airlock
  • Field-tested: many years of expertise in industries with the highest security requirements
  • Needs-based: comprehensive, flexible services with varying scope

Get started with Web Application Security

The first step

Let us introduce you to the world of Web Application Security and support and guide you with our expertise.

  • "Swisscom is an extremely experienced Airlock partner"

    Roman Hugelshofer, Ergon Informatik AG
    Managing Director Application Security

    Portrait Stefan Tschumi

Web Application Security

Cloud solution

Firewall, WAF and IAM

  • WAF and IAM solution in addition to network firewall
  • Modular design with encapsulated functions and add-ons, such as single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • ISO 27001-certified, Switzerland-based data centres with data storage also in Switzerland
  • Maximum operational stability and automation from container technologies
 Höchste Skalierbarkeit durch standardisierte Managed Service-Lösung (SaaS) für WAF und IAM zur Verfügung.

Dedicated environment

Highly secure and powerful

Security consulting

Comprehensive security consulting

Multi-factor authentication

Maximum authentication security

Additional information

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Connectivity and open banking

Intelligent core banking systems are open to external innovations and increasingly rely on digital ecosystems.


Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Fraud prevention in banking

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Intelligent core banking systems are open to innovations from the outside and increasingly rely on digital ecosystems.

Secure corporate payment transactions

Drawing on many years of industry experience and in-depth expertise, we are an Airlock Platinum integration partner.

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