In the lead role: protecting your ecosystem

More and more often, digitisation projects that straddle different systems create the need to open up your own web environment to third-party ecosystems. Web Application Security are the key to protecting your web applications.

We’ll help you stay secure

IT security is becoming more and more important in all sectors. We’ll help you protect your IT from unwanted access.

The cloud-based service comprises a Web Application Firewall (WAF) and an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, which protect applications from unwanted access in addition to your network firewalls. IAM authenticates users who access your applications via the Internet or Intranet and evaluates the roles required for different activities.

Modular structure

Thanks to encapsulated functions, common market security extensions such as single sign-on, two-factor authentication or identity federation services are possible.

Data storage in Switzerland

The service is operated in Swiss-based ISO 27001 certified data centres, with data stored in Switzerland.

Best technology

High operational stability and automation through use of modern container technologies.

Our SaaS solution for WAF and IAM is operated on the basis of Ergon Airlock software. 

We successfully operate Ergon Airlock and AdNovum Nevis, enabling us to offer you a highly flexible, individual WAF and IAM solution. Depending on your needs, operations are based on traditional virtual machines or modern container technology.


A solution tailored to the customer offers the highest degree of individualisation.

Data storage in Switzerland

The service is operated in Swiss-based ISO 27001 certified data centres, with data stored in Switzerland.

First-class manufacturer

We operate the three Swiss state-of-the-art WAF and IAM solutions for our customers.

Reliability, integrity and availability as the basic pillars of seamless security consulting: whether periodical and/or situational support for secure web applications, project collaboration or help with your web architecture design – we offer you a broad spectrum of services and end-to-end support where required.

Security expertise

A security officer, offering assistance with your day-to-day business and/or projects, provides the support you need.

Security evaluation

Security is always just a snapshot. We’ll help you take action and measure your maturity.

Comprehensive service

The mix of core and peripheral systems makes every customer environment unique. We’ll call in relevant experts where necessary.

Two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as multi-factor authentication, uses two independent factors (password and a second factor) as an alternative method of authentication that is more secure than other, more simple login procedures (username and password). The various factors can be categorised into a possession (username), knowledge (a password) and inherent characteristic of the user (2FA).​​



What are the advantages of two-factor authentication?

The biggest advantage of two-factor authentication is surely that theft of login details alone, through phishing attacks for example, is insufficient to grant attackers access to the application in question. For this to be possible, the attackers would also have to be in possession of the second factor. Through the use of a modern 2FA solution, the most frequent threat scenarios on the internet can be hindered or avoided entirely.



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Head of Banking Security

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