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BORS Solutions

BORS Solutions



BORS Solutions

From alarm to deployment: a one-stop solution.

The latest developments in information and communication technology (ICT) are creating new opportunities for efficient, transparent collaboration – including for police, fire and rescue services. It is not just a matter of fast communication, but also of correct resource deployment and quick, accurate forwarding of information. ICT enables organisations to collaborate smoothly, but is also bringing about major changes for blue-light organisations. There is no doubt that it forms the basis for successful working in the future.

BORS Products


Monitored emergency call routing


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AVANTI: Solution for blue-light organisations

AVANTI comprises an extensive range of software modules with a high standard of security that fully meets the specific needs of blue-light organisations. The software is based on state-of-the-art, object-oriented technology and can easily be integrated into an existing system environment.

Overview of solutions for rescue and security authorities and organisations (BORS).

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AVANTI Operations Control System

The AVANTI Operations Control System provides a complete overview, facilitates correct decision-making and supports seamless collaboration.

AVANTI Core Applications

AVANTI Core Applications provide a central hub for the capture and exchange of all data and information.

AVANTI Office Solutions

AVANTI Office Solutions meet all requirements for the provision of a smoothly functioning back office.

AVANTI Mobile Solutions

AVANTI Mobile Solutions enable you to access all relevant data for real-time use.


AVANTI Roster is suitable for roster and preparedness planning and facilitates detailed resource planning.

AVANTI Equipment Management

AVANTI Equipment Management is a stock management system with web shops for full equipment management in one application.

Monitored emergency call routing

Professional emergency call routing that takes availability and representative functions into account.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Routing provides monitored delivery of emergency calls to defined numbers and can activate relevant representative functions.


Highly secure alarm services and systems for alerts and mobilisation at the touch of a button.

Alarming Solutions

Respond properly and quickly in times of crisis. Mobilise crisis teams, employees and emergency services quickly and securely. Find out more about the options for professional alarming solutions.

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