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Co-creation approach to the development of a unique customer-oriented application
Stand-alone or seamlessly integrated into AVANTI
Any number of shift code combinations as well as specific roster analysis

AVANTI Roster provides an ideal work and planning tool for the office environment.

This modern planning and management tool is suitable for roster and preparedness planning for blue-light organisations, including personnel numbers and personnel requirement monitoring for detailed resource planning. User-defined views also make planning easier, including in hectic situations. This application can be used at the operations centre, in the office and on the move.

Your expert

Tanja Marinjes

Consultant Public Safety

What is AVANTI Roster?

AVANTI Roster is an independent application from the AVANTI product family. It can be used on its own or fully integrated into AVANTI. Used in conjunction with the AVANTI Operations Control System, its benefits are unbeatable thanks to its seamless integration.

Through the integration of AVANTI master data, resources are automatically coordinated on a daily basis. Shift swaps are reliably processed for roster planning in accordance with individual roster coordination settings.

How you benefit

  • Clear range of functions and extensive individual settings options for roster creation.
  • Employees can enter their preferred shifts, including holidays, for example, in advance so they can be taken into account during subsequent planning.
  • Roster is also available on mobile devices and can be downloaded via eAVANTI.
  • Interface diversity, for example in time-recording systems or Outlook, ensures seamless integration.
  • Through various evaluation and control mechanisms, fair shift distribution is guaranteed.

The program includes the following elements:

  • Roster management
  • Roster-specific authorisation
  • Central shift code definition
  • Roster-specific definition (favorites)
  • Definition and management of employees’ shift requests
  • Various shift allocation mechanisms
  • Lock period for undisturbed planning
  • Vertical and horizontal shift monitoring
  • Primary and secondary rosters
  • Statistics and reports
  • Microsoft Exchange replication
  • Mobile shift observation via tablet and smartphone

Roster can exchange shift data for the following systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange: shift replication by the minute, personal control of shift code replication
  • PEP Polypoint: import interface for AVANTI Roster
  • AGP XML export
  • SIAXMA export for time recording
  • E3-Ethelred: import interface for AVANTI Roster