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AVANTI Core Applications

Modern and central hub for data exchange
Simple integration of peripheral systems
Single Sign-On applications with simple authentication

AVANTI Core Applications serve as a central hub for all AVANTI modules.

With the help of AVANTI Core Applications, all relevant data required for productive operation of the AVANTI modules is looked after, whether master data, alarm object data, checklists, measures or authorisations. With Single Sign-On, a modern, simple authentication method is also available.

Core applications

Your expert

Ingo Klinger

Management Consultant

Master data management

Master data management captures all the data required for the successful use of AVANTI. It also serves as a nerve centre for the sharing of other non-AVANTI applications (e.g. personnel system, LDAP, etc.).

Object office

The object office provides numerous possibilities for capturing and managing data from objects and technical alarms (e.g. IG TUS). Every organisation can quickly access a range of detailed information about the object concerned in AVANTI.

Single sign-on

All AVANTI applications use a single sign-on login system.

Your advantages

  • Simple integration of other systems in order to obtain and supply master data.
  • Central, universal data capture for all AVANTI modules.
  • Comprehensive management of object data, such as ABC objects, alarm objects, restaurants, etc.
  • Use of Windows login for simple authentication with all AVANTI modules.