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AVANTI Mobile Solutions

All data via mobile at any time
Available resources including status at a glance
Position, status reports and occupation in real time

AVANTI Mobile Solutions for optimal provision of relevant data at the front line.

With the eAVANTI module, the end user can access a modern HTML5 platform with all important data concerning personnel, operations, objects and their positions.

The AVANTI Mobile module is a Windows 10 application that works on Windows notebooks and tablets. Unlike the eAVANTI solution, the end user can access various information offline via a mobile device.

Mobile solutions


eAVANTI combines the main modules GIS, ELS, IS and Journal, specially developed for an HTML solution on tablets and smartphones, in a user-friendly application. Existing authorisation structures are also available in eAVANTI.

AVANTI mobile

Important information such as deployment data, documents, GPS data, etc. can be sent from the operations management system to the AVANTI mobile (Windows tablet). Status reports can also be sent from the AVANTI mobile to operations management. Most data is also made available to users offline. The Journal and Post-processing applications are available on the AVANTI mobile.

Your expert

Tanja Marinjes

Consultant Public Safety

AVANTI MobKom Server

The AVANTI MobKom Server provides the mobile connection of various protocols. Different devices can transmit location data to the AVANTI Operations Control System and are represented on the geo-information system. Received data is historically stored so an operation can be analysed at a later date. Location data is also accessible on the move via the eAVANTI Mobile GIS. The AVANTI Mobile Solution is an ideal additional tool for operations planning, management and evaluation.

Your advantages

  • Mobility and networking are becoming increasingly important, which is why we are constantly developing the AVANTI Mobile Solutions further and adapting them to users’ requirements.
  • AVANTI supports operations personnel as far as the front line and assists them with incident management.
  • The HTML5 platform ensures it can be used on the most popular mobile devices.
  • The Windows application facilitates interactions such as log entries, status reports, reporting, etc. with operations management, as well as making data available offline at all times.