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Incident processing

The fully digitalised incident processing in the emergency services field that seamlessly connects the police and the public prosecutor

Based on SAP ICM, the incident processing from Swisscom maps all of the required processes and functions of a state-of-the-art reporting solution.

All of the collected information for an incident, such as the reporting at a police station, can be transferred digitally to the public prosecutor. The authorities involved save a lot of time, and errors that could occur when typing the reports up again at the public prosecutor are avoided. The separation of powers is observed at all times.

All of the data recorded in the system can be accessed at all times. In the case of another police operation relating to an old or current incident, any existing data in the system can be copied directly. At the same time, information from old incidents can be displayed directly on-site by the police. A patrol unit can get an overview of the case before the operation.

Your expert

Reto Fuchs

Head Public Safety Business

By eliminating redundancies during the data recording, you gain valuable time for the core business.

Significant time saving

No media discontinuities

Better data quality

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