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 For service engineers, field staff and logistics staff
Simple mobilisation of your sales, warehousing, service and maintenance processes
Full integration into your ERP/CRM system via the Movilizer platform in the Swisscom Cloud

Digitising your business processes is simple.

An everyday situation: a heating system fails. The caretaker responsible reports the problem to your company. The repair order is drawn up, finalised and sent to the service engineer’s mobile device. After checking the order and querying something with the caretaker, he has identified the replacement part required and reserved it in his company’s warehouse via his tablet. On arrival at the warehouse, the necessary component has already been located by the logistics staff and is ready to be collected. Once on site, the comprehensive customer data, detailed heating system plan and installation instructions on his tablet enable him to quickly replace the broken component. He gets the customer to sign the job report directly on his tablet, which automatically triggers the invoicing process at the company HQ and updating of the customer’s history.

Your expert

Bernhard Lenzin

Head of Industrial Industries

What is Movilizer?

  • Simple mobilisation of business processes with ‘out-of-the-box’ apps for your most important ERP and CRM processes
  • Securely access your relevant data from anywhere thanks to integration with your back-end system via the Movilizer Swisscom Cloud
  • Operation and data storage exclusively in state-of-the-art Swisscom data centres in Switzerland

Your benefits

  • Increase productivity: up-to-date and binding information (e.g. customer master data, order history or manuals) always available in real time. Process security: avoid errors through mobile data capture directly on site (e.g. write job reports directly on a tablet or scan delivery notes at the warehouse)
  • Independent: Movilizer works on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • State-of-the-art technology: you can access a modern Cloud solution that removes the need for additional investment in infrastructure

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