Security & Governance, Risk & Compliance

Minimise compliance violations and risks
Maintain an overview of the company’s current risk status at all times
Manage identities, authorisations and access to infrastructure and systems

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Bernhard Lenzin

Head of Industrial Industries

More security for your company

With the introduction and utilisation of SAP Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), you ensure that laws and your company’s IT policies are complied with. Based on an analysis of the authorisation landscape, we develop a solution that is tailored to your specific situation. And by implementing a SAP GRC prototype, you can test selected functions.

Key facts at a glance

Policy Management

When dealing with security procedures, security policies and SAP NetWeaver, you will find the required expertise for information and data protection concepts at Swisscom. We can also offer solutions for IT risk management and policy management.

Access & User Provisioning

We handle topics like access methods, profile and role management, and user administration and analyses in an integrative manner. Our consultants are specialists when it comes to designing and introducing SAP GRC AC and SAP NetWeaver Identity Management as well as the analysis of existing authorisations.

Identification & Authentication

An important security component is the identification and authentication of users. This relates to password management, to physical and logical access. On the basis of SAP technologies we design solutions for identity management and single sign on and introduce them into your company.

Infrastructure & Security

Security measures are needed, but they should not interfere or impact business processes too much. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on security screening, network protection, VPN, SAP NetWeaver and SAP Solution Manager.


When an employee changes department or leaves the company, a standardised process for removing authorisations is essential. Thanks to our wealth of experience in authorisation removal and deactivation of user accounts, we can support you with targeted conception, implementation and coaching services.

Your benefits

  • Critical key figures are monitored automatically, and risks reduced accordingly
  • You can maintain an overview of risky projects, threshold values and risk appetite at all times
  • Central management and control prevents unauthorised access
  • Damaging events can be brought under control quickly
  • You reduce the costs and outlay related to compliance, risk management and audit programmes

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