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Smooth processing of your foreign trade relationships
Pass customs and borders without any problems
Increase competitiveness through the use of preferential agreements

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Bernhard Lenzin

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Simplify the global exchange of goods

With SAP Global Trade Services (GTS), you can reliably manage all aspects of foreign trade with global import and export: from electronic communication with customs authorities, to compliance with regulatory requirements, to systematic risk management.

Key facts at a glance

SAP Global Trade Services (GTS) helps you to manage the complex challenges of international trade. The solution allows you to tighten import and export processes, comply 100% with regulatory requirements, speed up customs processing and minimise the financial risks associated with global transactions while exploiting the benefits of international trade agreements. What’s more, you are also provided with various possibilities for analysing import and export transactions.

Select your customised combination of SAP GTS components.

GTS compliance management

To ensure your foreign trade relationships run smoothly. We can advise you in all issues regarding the design and introduction of sanctioned party list screening, embargo checks, import and export licences, re-export controls in the USA and classification aids.

GTS customs management

Pass customs and borders without any problems. Our team of consultants supports you with the design and introduction of import and export processing. We are aware of the difficulties of certain special procedures such as customs storage or inward processing and tariff classification aids for goods.

GTS risk management

To ensure risks remain small. We provide you with comprehensive advice during the design and introduction of calculations for preferential origin of goods (preference calculations), the calculation of refunds and credit order management.

Customs and foreign trade process consulting

We know about the requirements of cross-border flows of goods and finance. Our experienced team of experts supports you during the design of legally compliant and efficient cross-border processes.

Your benefits

  • Fast and legally-secure processing of international trade
  • Shorter delivery times through the automation of all required checks
  • One central location for all electronic communication relating to the customs clearance process
  • Better sourcing decisions thanks to consideration of all customs duties
  • Improved competitiveness through the exploitation of benefits provided by preferential foreign trade agreements
  • Optimum preparation for audits thanks to the seamless documentation of all activities
  • Reduction in financial risk through the hedging of foreign trade transactions

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