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Mobile Secure Services

Mobile Secure Services

Effective protection for corporate data in mobile business life
Secure access to and exchange of documents
Central management of the fleet of devices across the entire lifecycle

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With us, you’ve got a handle on your apps

With Mobile Secure, you can prepare easily and quickly for mobile business life. You can speed up the implementation of your mobile strategy and achieve greater security and control. The solution portfolio gives you the assurance of knowing that your mobile devices, applications and content will meet the requirements of your company and all current and conventional devices can be integrated optimally.

These are Mobile Secure Services

Mobile Secure Services are available in three forms that can be employed on a modular basis and constitute the building blocks of every mobility strategy.

  • Mobile Secure Services for secure terminals: The comprehensive solution for the centralised management of mobile devices (including Windows PC) and applications; based on SAP Afaria
  • Mobile Secure Services for secure apps: Protects apps and data on terminals against unauthorised access and safeguards communication with the customer network (e.g. app VPN); based on SAP Mocana
  • Mobile Secure Services for secure documents: Mobilises users’ business documents and safely places document management systems (SharePoint, SAP CRM, etc.) on the terminals; based on SAP Mobile Documents

The components of Mobile Secure can be purchased as managed services from the Swisscom cloud. Proactive monitoring of ongoing operations with the most modern of means guarantees the highest quality standards with risk-adjusted security.

You can choose to manage the service yourself, or let Swisscom manage it.

Your benefits

  • Everything under control: Central management and control of all devices across the entire lifecycle
  • Self-service: Users register mobile devices themselves via a corresponding self-service portal
  • IT compliance: IT security guidelines are automatically adjusted on each registered terminal
  • Protection for corporate data: Employees can share business documents securely with people inside and outside the company
  • Standardised security with app wrapping: The same security provisions for all iOS and Android apps, developers do not need to have any coding or special security skills
  • Minimum IT outlay: Mobile Secure Services are available from Swisscom as an SaaS solution with data storage in Switzerland