Improve your Return on SAP

Optimising the “return on SAP”
Lowering process costs with SAP standards
Uncovering the optimisation potential in SAP operation and application support

Release the full potential of your SAP systems

An SAP implementation is a strategic decision for the entire company, and a long-term financial and private investment. Business conditions can change quickly and what used to be an ideal SAP installation can quickly become obsolete or can no longer reach its full potential. We evaluate this with you and demonstrate the latest SAP functionalities.

Your expert

Mathias Stocker

Senior Management Consultant

Key facts at a glance

We provide a methodical analysis of SAP systems that is tailored to each customer’s requirements. Swisscom SAP specialists apply a standardised procedure for uncovering the untapped savings potential of business processes and SAP operation.

We reveal the potential for making optimal use of your existing SAP systems and show you the benefits of new SAP products and technologies. We screen your business processes and help you optimise your workflows.

Analysis of SAP system and business processes

  • Optimisation of your system and application landscape
  • Review of the degree of standardisation
  • Uncovering potential by returning to ERP standard functionality
  • Optimisation through introduction of new ERP standard functionalities
  • Uncovering the application potential of other SAP products

Diagnosis of your SAP operation with a focus on:

  • SAP operating costs (hardware, software, maintenance and support agreements)
  • Implemented installation and workflow organisation (costs, quality, assurance of knowhow)
  • Savings opportunities thanks to out-tasking (monitoring, AMS…) and outsourcing

Your benefits

Our system and business process analysis shows you how we can save you money by returning to SAP Standard.

  1. We specifically demonstrate process and function enhancements in Standard to help you innovate.
  2. Increase your revenue in a short time with the optimised integration of customer and supplier relationships.

Getting an external perspective on your operations and application support gives you a number of benefits.

  1. You reduce the amount of support that is required for your SAP systems, which in turn lowers your costs.
  2. We uncover potential for improvements in your workflows. You save time and money over the short and long term.

Offer overview

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Business performance index
(data collection and analysis)

Standard system analysis

Business analysis
(1 process area)

Analysis of SAP basic operations
(collection and comparison)

Analysis of SAP application support

Business process analysis
(1 additional process area)

Extended system analysis (SOLMAN/RBE. Module-oriented)

Extended system analysis (SOLMAN/RBE. user/TC-oriented)

Business process analysis
(all further process areas)


CHF 1'500


CHF 9'900


CHF 19'900


CHF 29'900


CHF 1'900

CHF 1'900

CHF 6'900

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SAP Gold VAR Partner status


Swisscom is the most successful SAP VAR (Value Added Reseller) Partner in Switzerland and has the largest base of existing SAP customers in Switzerland. Swisscom has an extensive portfolio of SAP products with a focus on ERP, HANA, Mobility and Analytics, including frontend technologies such as Fiori and SAP Screen Personas.

SAP VAR partners support companies of every size with the process of selecting, procuring and implementing the ideal SAP solution for their specific business requirements.