Augmented Reality

The solutions that allow your business to create new possibilities for interaction

The augmented reality solutions of Swisscom superimpose digital information on top of the real world, enabling new forms of interaction between people, objects, and their immediate environment. The new possibilities of data and product visualisation help your business manage the complexity and combination of your systems and processes. Simultaneously, you create new experiences and enable new and efficient ways of working for your employees.

Whether a midsize or large enterprise – thanks to augmented reality you can handle the continuous change in technology flexibly and use your resources optimally.


Your expert

Stéphane Mingot

Head of Development & Integration

Simplify your interaction with complex systems

Data visualisation

Visualise the information of your existing systems in a new way, thus facilitating access to and use of them.

Context-relevant actions

Increase the relevance of your services through a combination of local, process and user-based information.

Intuitive use

Increase the ergonomics of your work through 3D placement and remote control by voice and gestures.


keep your infrastructure

We take care of the integration and adaptation of your existing systems.

get one-stop solutions

We support your projects from conception to development right through to operation.

take advantage of the wide range of applications

Our applications include OmniChannel, field service support and production.

your data is safe with us

Your confidential customer data is securely stored in Swisscom data centres in Switzerland.

network internationally

You can help your customers abroad with our solutions.

optimise your customer presentations

You present yourself to your customers innovatively and with the latest technology.

Smart Assistance – one of Swisscom's Augmented Reality Solutions


Modular structure

The following chart visualises the areas in which augmented reality allows close interaction with other systems and for people to benefit from their potential.

How it works at Swisscom

« The cooperation with Stéphane Mingot's team is a great asset for us. Especially with innovation, it is important that customers and contractors work together on the creative process – an area in which we have been successful. The agile approach let us achieve our initial successes in a quick and impressive manner. »

Matt Butcher, Head of Team Customer Field Service Swisscom

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