Outsourcing business applications
Automate and industrialise tasks
Consulting, operation and support from Swisscom

We run your applications and complex operating procedures

Outsource the operation and monitoring of your business applications to Swisscom’s Application Management – and free up resources for your core business. We ensure that any and all periodic tasks are carried out at the right time and in the correct sequence.

Your expert

Ueli Brönnimann

Specialised Sales Cloud

This is Application Operation

  • Your business applications are outsourced and placed in experienced hands
  • Your IT systems and applications function perfectly
  • High level of performance, security, competent support
  • Modular service: Consulting, conception, development, implementation, operation and updates from a single source

Your advantages

  • You decide which applications you will continue to operate yourself and which ones you will outsource
  • Lower costs thanks to outsourcing
  • Reliable, flexible service and always the most modern technologies
  • Timely updates and scaling enable swift reactions to changing market conditions
  • Guaranteed intervention and support times according to your individual service level agreement (SLA)


This is Job and Process Management

  • Swisscom automates your task control and process control
  • Error-free and reliable execution of your operating procedures
  • Management and industrialisation of your business processes
  • Modular service: Consulting, conception, development, implementation
  • Operation and updates from a single source
  • First-level support according to the rules of auditing and audit trail capability


Your advantages

  • Swisscom specialists have extensive application and industry expertise
  • An unrestricted focus of your resources on your core business
  • High degree of system availability and rapid intervention and support times thanks to professional services and leading technologies
  • You can track the status of any workflow at any time, as well as see which task is responsible for a particular result
  • All services supplied from a single source

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