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Dynamic Database

Dynamic Database

The virtual Oracle database rounds off your IT solution

Fast and automated retrieval from databases means you can use database services within a matter of minutes. Modifications to performance and storage resources are possible at any time. Provisioning of Oracle databases becomes much simpler and more flexible. The Dynamic Database service is only provided in Switzerland. All data is stored in Switzerland without exception.

Dynamic Database
from CHF 62.34 a day

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Frequent uses

  • Setting up of redundant databases in the productive environment
  • Creation of cost-efficient databases for integration and test environments with exactly the same technical components as in the productive environment
  • Reduction in performance of integration and test databases outside of test phases
  • Enhanced performance for year-end processing with little impact in terms of cost
  • Deletion of databases once projects end without any additional or ongoing costs


No need for your own server thanks to the energy-efficient Dynamic Database: reduce your carbon footprint by up to 90% in one go.

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The benefits for you

  • Quick and cheap provisioning, modification, and suspension of databases
  • Scalable database resources
  • Dynamic provisioning of IT infrastructure, no investment costs
  • Shorter time-to-market, so greater scope for flexibility and innovation
  • Usage-based invoicing – you only pay for what you actually use
  • Satisfaction of most important business requirements (disaster recovery, high availability, backup)
  • Highly secure data storage at Swisscom’s modern data centre in Switzerland

Features & Functions

Selected features & functions

  • Single databases with 99.5% availability
  • High-availability databases (99.9%) with Real Application Cluster (RAC) from Oracle
  • Disaster recovery option with Oracle Data Guard at an additional location
  • Backup option for greater security
  • Fast creation, deletion, and modification of databases (barrier-free scaling more or less possible)
  • Managed Service by Swisscom with the option for 7x24 operation
  • No minimum service period

Dynamic Database

Think big for fast growth

Service Level Agreement (SLA) and support

Dynamic Database can be set up under the following SLA..