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Enterprise Service Cloud

Integrated Cloud Services with Swiss data storage for hybrid environments and added value of managed services

Enterprise Service Cloud delivers infrastructure from the cloud. It is targeted at large companies with complex IT landscapes that take integration of Cloud Services into your IT and processes seriously. In particular with hybrid cloud environments, Enterprise Service Cloud is the first port of call because it seamlessly links on-premise and virtual private.

All the data is held in state-of-the-art data centres and our network ensures short latency times within Switzerland. Companies that must fulfil Swiss regulations can demonstrate compliance at all times.

Swisscom built this cloud together with established manufacturers like VMware and Dell/EMC and it operates and uses it itself. Companies can benefit from this local expertise and support.

The Enterprise Service Cloud comprises the following functionalities:

  • Virtual Server
  • Swisscom Network
  • Firewall
  • Loadbalancer

The overall platform is multi-tenancy capable and delivers a comprehensive service catalogue, business integration, a self-service portal, numerous APIs, security functions, audits and log and metering control.

Various managed services are added to this, such as database operation (on the roadmap) with guaranteed SLA and professional services such as the “Journey to the Cloud” offerings, that allow every company to be guided individually through its path into the cloud.

Your expert

Dominic Vogel

Specialized Sales Cloud & Datacenter Services

Leaner and faster thanks to Cloud Services

Focus on your core business and let our experts in Switzerland look after the cloud.


Transform and accelerate your business by means of flexible and innovative services from the cloud and prepare to get fit for the digital future.


The integrated solution can be ideally added to various IT landscapes, particularly hybrid environments.

Managed Services

Benefit from comprehensive IT and platform services from both Swisscom and local experts.


your data remains in Switzerland

Swisscom is a traditional company operating under Swiss law. Your data stays here.

don’t leave data security to chance

Your data is saved multiple times at various locations.

rely on our service

We are ready to address your concerns around the clock.

only pay for exactly what you need

With flexible tariff models you’ll increase your financial freedom.

you receive a one-stop application

You have a single contact partner for your communications infrastructure.

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