Find company-wide data quickly, securely and accurately.

The amount of data and documents in companies is increasing exponentially. Most data is not stored centrally, but is kept in unstructured form on the widest range of data carriers: one’s own hard disk, a mailbox, a cloud memory or a shared memory such as Microsoft SharePoint. And to top it all, the data is also stored in a variety of file formats. It is increasingly difficult to maintain an overview and find the correct document needed to make a decision. Enterprise Search remedies this and enables a simple and efficient search for company-wide data.


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René Wettstein

Senior Business Developer

The solution at a glance

By merging knowledge and technologies from the areas of Document Management, Enterprise Content Management, Artificial Intelligence, Security and IT Infrastructure, information and documents in almost all formats can be found. Data security is guaranteed by connection to the company's own Active Directory – company information will only be shown in the search results if access authorization is provided. Enterprise Search can be used both as a search function in the intranet and as a site search on your own website. Use Enterprise Search for efficient and accurate searches.

  • This is what our customers are saying

    “I no longer have to think about where to look for something in our records. Enterprise Search automatically scans multiple sources – the file repositories, the e-mails, the intranet, and even our website. The search results are visible at once.”

    Beat Zuberbühler, Head of Central Services at Asga.

Your advantages in detail

Central document search

Web search

Semantic search

Format diversity

Document preview and automatic summary


Intuitive use


Easy installation, even on virtual machines

Unlimited data volumes


Enterprise Search from the Cloud

Enterprise Search simply explained


Search analytics - maintain an overview at all times

Enterprise Search offers you as administrator extensive analytical functionalities. This, in turn, gives you a constant overview of the search behaviour and volume of your users as well as the performance and utilisation of your index service. Based on this data, you can influence the configuration of your searches and continuously improve the service for end-users. Furthermore, we are working intensively on the provision of new functions in the area of analytics, such as semantic analysis and natural language processing. 




The Swiss alternative to Google Search Appliance

Google’s Search Appliance is being taken off the market in 2018. Swisscom, in collaboration with the search engine specialist from Thurgau, Hulbee AG, is offering a fully-fledged replacement: Enterprise Search is a completely Swiss software solution that can be operated either in the company’s own IT system landscape or, alternatively, within the Swisscom Cloud.

Save time thanks to a flexible solution which uses the latest technology


Data security in your company is guaranteed by access control from the Active Directory.


The semantic search identifies different meanings of words and makes it easier to find relevant content.


Enterprise Search can be integrated on the premises as well as in the Swisscom Cloud.


keep your infrastructure
you only pay for what you need
your data remains in Switzerland

Integrate this product in your existing systems.

Our flexible pricing gives you increased financial leeway.

Swisscom is a long-established Swiss company operating under Swiss law. Your data remains in Switzerland.

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