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IT Service Management

Overview and transparency with complex IT systems
Recognise and take advantage of potentials for improvement
Greater performance, less cost

Measure, monitor, control and optimise IT processes

IT processes and systems are becoming more complex. Swisscom’s IT Service Management creates transparency. You gain an overview of all workplaces and applications and compliance with regulatory provisions – the basis for optimising your IT.

Your expert

Pascal Walt

Senior Product Manager

Multiprovider Management (MPM)

  • Coordination and transparency in operating processes
  • Monitoring of your IT operating processes

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Advanced Reporting

  • A complement to Standard Service Reporting
  • Basis for Service Quality Controlling, with capacity planning or continual service improvement

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Compliance Reporting

  • Confidently fulfil regulatory and legal conditions with respect to auditors
  • Save on cost- and time-intensive audits for outsourced business units thanks to Compliance Reporting.

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Application Measuring

  • Measure the availability and performance of business-critical applications “end to end”
  • Ensure and optimise applications with a management and monitoring system

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Application Measuring

  • You receive a management and monitoring system so that you can ensure and enhance the quality of business-critical processes and applications
  • The system provides you with trend and performance data; it also shows you the “end-to-end” time response from the perspective of a user
  • The service documents irregularities, checks specific services agreed to and permits you to make statements about how an application is working
  • Reporting provides information about the availability and response times of application teams and infrastructures across the system
  • The history report includes quality issues, therefore forming the basis for an active control of quality
  • With the trend reports, changes and future bottlenecks can be recognised early on
  • An online dashboard gives you insights into the current status of an application