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Journey to the Cloud Services

Joining the digital future with Swisscom

Make the paradigm shift from outsourcing to cloud sourcing and design your IT of the future together with our experts. Swisscom specialists lead you step-by-step to innovative business solutions from the cloud, taking your existing IT infrastructure into account.

Your expert

Philipp Bielmann

Specialised Sales

Journey to the Cloud Services

What is the best way for you to carry out the IT transformation, taking into account your business strategy? Seek advice and be actively supported on the way to the cloud and higher agility. The Journey to the Cloud Services consists of three modules:

  • Base Standard Setup
  • Service Integration
  • Transformation Service

Your benefits

  • You combine proven IT infrastructure with suitable Cloud Services and can thus determine how deep you want to delve into the cloud
  • You retain your flexibility thanks to modular use of services
  • You obtain knowledge about integration and services from a single source
  • You profit from fast implementation
  • You get advice, support and training from Swisscom specialists

Service Framework «Journey to the Cloud»

To ensure optimised use of cloud options, the Service Framework includes three modules: The provisioning of cloud basic services, the integration of Cloud Services in the organisation and processes as well as the transformation of existing systems and applications.

The contents of the modules can also be combined so that the cloud depths and services can be optimally combined with your existing IT infrastructure and coordinated with your business.

Base Standard Setup

Highly standardised “out of the box” Cloud Services. Basic integration into your IT organisation and processes.

  • Clarification of your cloud target services and platform, including attribute details
  • Definition of the technical specification for the structure and connection of the target services selected
  • Structure of the service or platform
  • Structure of the migration environment and migration of an initial system into the new service
  • Assessment and preparation of the findings from the migration

Service Integration

Integration of the Cloud Services into your IT organisation and processes.

  • Clarification and documentation of your requirements in relation to organisational, process-related and non-cloud topics
  • Creation of solution concept and detailed planning based on the requirements ascertained
  • Agile implementation in different sprints according to business priorities
  • Training of employees in the use of the new tools and application of the processes in the entire organisation

Transformation Service

Efficient and controlled migration of your existing systems into the optimum Cloud Service.

  • Clarification of your entire inventory and presentation of the detailed current situation
  • Creation of an overview of the cloud readiness of the individual information systems
  • Development of a suitable target design for each system environment
  • Creation of initial sprint planning
  • Agile implementation of the transformation in different sprints according to your business priorities

Further details about the individual steps within the different modules.

Factsheet «Journey to the Cloud» (PDF)