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Managed Oracle DB Service

Managed Oracle Database Service –
your managed virtual database in Switzerland

Want to access strong database services conveniently from the Swisscom Cloud with just a mouse click? Now it’s possible, thanks to the Managed Oracle Database Service from Trivadis and Swisscom, which enables you to use Oracle databases from the secure Swisscom Cloud. Data storage, delivery and support, all based in Switzerland.

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Your benefits with the Managed Oracle Database Service

The managed virtual Oracle database makes your IT solution complete. Fast, automated database retrieval enables you to use database services within just a few minutes. You can flexibly adjust performance and storage resources at any time. The Managed Oracle Database Service is provided exclusively in Switzerland, where all data is stored, processed
and managed.


Thanks to the partnership between Swisscom and Trivadis, you get comprehensive support with cloud-based databases. Infrastructure DBA operations are managed in the Swisscom Cloud by Trivadis in Switzerland.


Swisscom and Trivadis provide and operate the service exclusively in platinum data centres in Switzerland. All support is also provided from within Switzerland.


Resources can be flexibly adapted. You only pay for what you allocate. With pluggable DB (PDB) and logically separate DB, consolidation on the same servers saves you money.

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Setting up redundant databases in a productive environment is no problem – with the backup option, we provide greater security. Consolidation and the resulting cost-saving can be achieved both via Oracle’s multi-tenant architecture (CDB/PDB) and through active management of required resources (e.g. month-end processing). The Managed Oracle DB Service uses different application scenarios in order to optimise cost structures. 


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Dominic Vogel

Specialized Sales Cloud & Datacenter Services

Billing Objects

vCPU (incl. RAM) in vCPU/h
Always BYOL

Storage in GB/h

PDB Operation Service
Office hours or 7x24 in PDB/h

Used Backup GB in GB/h

Database Encryption
per PDB in PDB/h

Manul Service Requests
per hour

Swisscom – Trivadis partnership

Thanks to the partnership between Swisscom and Trivadis, you get full support with cloud-based databases. Interfaces are minimised, reducing costs and complexity. Data storage, delivery and support are all Swiss-based. This enables us, even in highly regulated sectors, to migrate data and applications to the modern IT world. In this way, we are working together to promote Switzerland’s innovative strength as a business location.

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