Simple online collaboration with a needs-based solution
Plan and manage meetings yourself
Save travel costs and time

Collaborate anytime as if everyone were in the same room

Every day, we find ourselves in situations in which we would love to be able to sit down face to face with our work colleagues, as a project team or for a workshop, whether spontaneously or organised in advance. Usually, however, the relevant people are all in different places and bringing them all together in the same room is out of the question. It seems an impossible task and we ask ourselves legitimate questions about collaboration.

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How can

  • different presentations be shared?
  • working groups work together?
  • post-it notes be digitised?
  • all participants vote?
  • results be shared?
  • everyone work on the same document simultaneously?


It’s quite simple: with Cisco WebEx. This communication solution enables you to work together simply and efficiently in a virtual meeting room without having to install any software or hardware. It can be accessed via multiple user devices.


Overview of Cisco WebEx:

  • Easily invite participants and share your screen, meeting desktop, applications, documents or multimedia
  • Video conferences in HD video quality plus integrated audio
  • Record, edit and play back meetings
  • Cross-platform support, high performance and reliability thanks to the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud
  • Productivity tools for Outlook or Lotus Notes 
  • Participate via mobile devices (tablets and smartphones)

How you benefit:

  • Share applications, presentations, documents, multimedia content and your PC desktop in real time.
  • Organise your business processes more efficiently without tedious e-mail correspondence.
  • Collaborate with teams all over the world, wherever you are.
  • Maximise your resources by bringing people together without wasting time and money on business trips.
  • Configuration tailored to your needs.

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