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Become more innovative – through intelligent cooperation

Alongside an extraordinarily high level of quality, innovation and creativity are the crucial factors with which Swiss companies can stand out against the global competition. They form the basis of sustainable market leadership or a long-term niche strategy, and thus for high value creation.

Successful innovations require outstanding specialists and an environment in which they can quickly transform their ideas into market-ready products.

 A particularly important part of this is a flexible and efficient communication and collaboration infrastructure, with which internal and external specialists can work together as simply and effectively as possible, and thus knowledge transfer within the company is guaranteed.

Modern collaboration solutions, however, are not only indispensable for modern teamwork. Today they are also a prerequisite if, as an employer, you want to appeal to highly qualified specialists and young employees – the so-called “digital natives”.

How things work at Swisscom

Swisscom relies on open books

For companies, only accessible information is of value. Swisscom therefore relies on an open-book philosophy. The knowledge of employees and the information acquired through projects are available quickly and easily for all via the Internet. A personal profile reveals the competences, education and training, as well as the professional and project experience of each individual. In addition, anyone can create their own so-called “workspace”. These virtual workspaces are the hubs of day-to-day cooperation. Subject-oriented knowledge exchange takes place in the community workspaces.

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Faster project work

Collaboration solutions speed up development processes, simplify the involvement of external partners and facilitate fundamentally faster decision-making.

Appeal to digital natives

Highly qualified specialists and digital natives want to use the same mobile and collaboration solutions (UCC) they are familiar with from their education and private lives in the workplace.