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Fast and successful project work – with intelligent collaboration solutions

New products and services not only have to be innovative. In order to be able to benefit from the cleverest ideas, the time-to-market also needs to be kept as short as possible. Faster knowledge transfer is the key to this, as specialists with the right know-how can be found via social networks in the company, for example, and feedback can be obtained quickly. Communication and collaboration solutions offer a flexible, place and time-independent basis for efficient cooperation and information management.

Project teams can quickly set up virtual workspaces, seamlessly incorporate external partners and manage all information centrally.

This supports creativity, speeds up development processes and facilitates fundamentally faster decision-making. The virtual cooperation also clears the way for modern innovation methods such as crowd sourcing or open innovation.

Swisscom bietet ein umfassendes Portfolio an Lösungen für die virtuelle Zusammenarbeit von mobilen Geräten und Netzwerk-Services über cloudbasierte Office-Lösungen bis zu umfassenden Collaboration- und Communication-Lösungen, die als Managed Service bezogen werden können. Swisscom provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for virtual collaboration of mobile devices and network services from cloud-based office solutions to comprehensive collaboration and communication solutions that can be procured as managed service. Spezialisten unterstützen Sie dabei auch bei der Integration der Systeme. Specialists also support you in the integration of the systems.

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