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Appeal to digital natives

Appeal to digital natives


Appeal to

digital natives

Boost your company’s appeal to highly qualified candidates and digital natives – with modern ICT tools

Innovation and productivity are driven primarily by highly qualified specialists and young, qualified employees. Such candidates are hotly contested when it comes to recruitment. They bring up-to-date knowledge and the latest methods to companies.

At the same time, technology-savvy digital natives want to use the same mobile and communication solutions (UCC) they are familiar with from their education and private lives in the workplace.

For a modern workplace, this includes all possible flexible communication forms, from internet telephony to chat, messaging, social media and mail, or even video conferencing and the joint processing of documents in virtual workspaces.

Digital natives also want to be able to design their working day in just such a flexible manner. For these employees, an attractive and modern workplace should include home-office opportunities for the sake of a work-life balance, as well as flat hierarchies and dynamic, project-based forms of cooperation.

Swisscom offers everything a modern workplace needs in terms of communications and collaboration solutions from a single source. The solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each business, and businesses can decide whether to operate the solutions themselves or to draw on them as a Managed Service.

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Managed Communications & Collaboration Microsoft

With Microsoft technology and Skype for Business, Exchange and SharePoint, you get voice and video telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop-sharing, e-mail and document management. Find out more now.

Corporate Mobile Network (CMN and NATEL® data basic)

The mobile subscription for your company with individual tariff models. You always get the best connection for your smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Managed Communications & Collaboration Cisco

Telephony service from the Swisscom data centre. By using Cisco technology, you have voice and video telephony, instant messaging, presence management, desktop-sharing and video conferencing. Find out more now.

NATEL® business infinity plus & business data

Get the right mobile subscription for every connection: flat rates for smartphones, data subscriptions for tablets and notebooks and pay-per-use mobile subscriptions.

Microsoft® Office 365

Office in the Cloud, including Swisscom support: with Outlook/Exchange, SharePoint for joint editing of documents, Skype for Business, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. Find out more about Office 365.

Mobile Device Portfolio

Conveniently order the right smartphone or tablet for your business needs online: iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

Swisscom Sharespace

Swisscom Sharespace provides the latest generation of the intranet: virtual workspaces thanks to individually expandable modules based on SharePoint 2013. Find out more about Sharespace from Swisscom.

Mobile Device Services: Lifecycle Management

Manage your mobile devices efficiently and conveniently online through their entire lifecycle: portfolio, ordering, repairs, support, etc.

Mobile Device Services: Remote Management

Centrally control smartphones and tablets, as well as their apps and documents. Securely connect devices to the company network.

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