Cisco Spark

Design smart working worlds with us and simplify your project and team work

Cisco Spark is an app- and cloud-based service and a complete solution that enables simple, efficient collaboration in virtual workspaces. Spark is ideal for companies that have several locations and/or operate internationally. It is also suitable for companies that offer their employees flexible working models.

With its meeting, notification, phone call, white board and release functions, this hybrid solution supports teamwork even when the team members are in different locations.

Swisscom also offers the know-how for operating Spark and hybrid solutions (Spark Media Gateway, Spark Hybrid Services) and provides Work Smart Coaching to help you exploit the Spark’s potential and adapt it to your needs.

Make processes faster and more flexible and boost your company’s growth and success.

Efficiency thanks
to mobility

Work from your desk, from the field, from home or on the move, beyond the boundaries of your company and your country.


Lower your costs for ICT and plan transparently.

Increase the productivity
of your employees

Design, communicate and work in a continuous workflow, before, during and after meetings.


evergreen guarantee

get one-stop solutions

establish international networks

Hardware & Software always up to date.

You have a single contact person for your communications infrastructure.

This solution is suitable if you also operate locations abroad.

The solution at a glance

Cisco Spark - Create, Share, Do:


Our partner

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Swisscom – your Spark partner in Switzerland!

Comprehensive operating know-how

We have comprehensive know-how of operating Spark and of hybrid solutions (Spark Media Gateway, Spark Hybrid Services).

Work Smart Coaching

Our Work Smart Coaching helps you get the full benefits of Spark! We ensure that your users understand how to use Spark optimally according to their needs. More on this

Individual developments

We have the expertise to develop Spark integrations and chat bots ideally suited to your requirements.