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All IP

All IP

What does All IP mean?

  All IP stands for “one network for everything”.

The switch to All IP is currently taking place worldwide and means that fixed network phones, TVs, mobile phone communications and the Internet as well as all the services connected with these will communicate from end to end using the Internet Protocol (IP), i.e. a single language.

IP, the package-based Internet Protocol, replaces the previous transfer technology TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) for the fixed network. As a result of this change, the number of technologies used is reduced, which not only makes new services possible but also simplifies and accelerates their introduction and operation.

Why is Swisscom switching to All IP?


With the switch to the new technology, Swisscom ensures that the increasing customer and market requirements are being met and that we can continue to provide you with the best service even in the future.

Currently, Swisscom is operating two networks – the TDM network and the Swisscom IP network. The changing communication requirements of customers and the forms of collaboration are also placing increasing demands on the networks: greater speed, greater performance and faster adaptation to new market circumstances.

Maintaining and expanding two networks is not economically viable. For this reason, Swisscom – like almost all large telecommunications providers throughout the world – has decided to invest in this future-oriented technology in order to continue providing customers with the best service in the future.

Documentation All IP

Status of the Transformation in Europe


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