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VoIP Phone

VoIP Phone

Voice over IP telephony over the public telephone network
Includes private branch exchange
As a Managed Service

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Mr Roth Hanspeter

+41 58 225 88 23

Use IP telephony without the investment

Procure telephony and fax connection easily and flexibly as an IP telephony service instead of needing to invest in your own voice telephony systems. Swisscom offers you a centralised, IP-based telephony platform with private branch exchange functionality.

What is VoIP Phone?

  • Telephony & fax with VoIP technology via the public telephone network
  • For fixed network telephony (standard) and mobile communication (Swisscom One Phone Business)
  • VoIP as Managed Service
  • Secure operation on a Swisscom communications platform
  • Centrally operated private branch exchange functionality
  • User-friendly administration tool
  • Option: CTI application with XPhone, call directly by clicking on Outlook contacts

The benefits for you

  • Suitable IP telephony without the need to invest in a private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Lower costs: Only infrastructure for voice and data, simpler application and integration processes
  • No technology risk: IP telephony solution always up to date
  • More time for your core business, no internal resources required for operation of a telephony infrastructure
  • You retain your existing telephone numbers – across Switzerland

Online Selfcare

VoIP Phone

You can make device adjustments here (just-in-time, free of charge) or request that changes be made (against payment).

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