Managed Video Conferencing Generation 2

Video conferences in HD quality across a range of technologies

Second-generation managed video conferencing is ideal for companies that have several locations. With our hosted video conferencing service from the cloud, you can reduce travel costs and save valuable time. The HD quality makes you feel as if the person you are taking to is in the room with you.

Our hosted video conferencing solution functions on all devices (PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet). You can label the interface according to your CD/CI specifications.

Your expert

Philipp Müsch

Product Manager

Maximise your company’s flexibility by relocating direct dialogue to a virtual meeting room.

Reduce travel costs
and save time

Conduct video conferences across a range of technologies

Avoid high capital expenditure


You get to keep your infrastructure

Integrate this product into your existing systems.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance

We regularly carry out checks so that your infrastructure functions smoothly.

You can establish international networks

This solution is suitable if you also operate locations abroad.

You receive
a one-stop solution

You have a single contact person for your communications infrastructure.

Video Conferencing Tool

This is Mr Neuenschwander, CEO of Consulting Ltd.. Headquarters in Bern, further locations in Zurich, Basel and Geneva. He is looking for an optimisation option for internal company communication, to reduce travel time and expenses.
Mr Neuenschwander wants to equip each branch with video conferencing. Employees working from home and external partners should also be able to dial in from any location. In addition, customers should have the opportunity to contact them via video without having to perform any special advance installations.
During a conversation with Mr Neuenschwander, the Swisscom customer consultant explains that the company can optimally integrate the media already being used for its telephony, Skype for Business from Office 365, with the MVC G2 service, and can use Skype as the video client for TelePresence video conferences.
Another advantage of the solution is that Consulting Ltd. can brand the video service with its own logo, and the access address has its own domain.
Consulting Ltd.’s most important partners are in Barcelona, Berlin and Rome. Mr Neuenschwander would like to be able to offer them uncomplicated participation in video conferences.
Consulting Ltd.’s own IT department is too small for practically establishing the necessary expertise for operating such an environment. That’s why they have their services managed by Swisscom.
Mr Neuenschwander is completely satisfied, and the environment also benefits.
With managed video conferencing you can work together, independent of location: You avoid travel, save time and reduce your CO₂ emissions.

You can find a detailed description of the Managed Video Conferencing here:

Factsheet Managed Video Conferencing

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Work together anywhere with Managed Video Conferencing Generation: avoid travelling, save time and thus reduce your carbon footprint by more than 80%.

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