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Thanks to electronic data communication and inter-company procurement and invoicing processes, you can streamline procedures, shorten lead times and reduce your costs. Swisscom provides customised and scalable solutions, regardless of the company size: including the free account, the free portal account, the basic account with an integrated procurement process as well as the professional enterprise account.

Conextrade currently handles more than 30,000 business relationships. Increasingly, more companies from a wide variety of industries are working with the Conextrade portal on a daily basis and benefit from useful additional services such as E-Invoicing or scanning services. You can find a selection of these companies in the latest Conextrade directory.

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E-invoices to the Federal Government

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Together we can increase sustainability

With Conextrade, you optimise your processes, reduce your costs and work paperless: it’s the ideal way to reduce your CO2 emissions by about 80%.

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The electronic and VAT-compliant invoicing process performs many time-consuming process steps.

Swiss and international archiving

Long-term electronic archiving simplifies the managing, evaluating and provision of invoices for an audit.


Simplify the electronic procurement processes for products or services with IT support.


The solution for an easy, quick and secure exchange of electronic procurement data.

Integration projects and consulting

Integration projects and consulting for cross-company processes.