Electronic invoice archiving simplifies the management, evaluation and provision of invoices for audits

  • Filling in an archive
  • Searching, viewing, printing
  • Legal conformity

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Archiving at a glance

Long-term electronic archiving – from the E-Invoicing and Scanning2E-Invoicing process – refers to the immutable retention of electronic invoices and scanned paper-based receipts. If your company is active internationally, then Conextrade can offer you long-term international digital archiving as well. At present, the service is available for more than 50 countries worldwide, and is being consistently expanded.

How does archiving work?

Filing in an archive

Electronic invoice data, PDFs, protocols, scanned invoices and digital signatures are filed in the archive.

Searching, viewing, printing

Your personal Conextrade login allows you to access and select your invoices using a range of search functions, and view them online, save them, print them or send them as an e-mail. Furthermore, the option of examining or validating the signature again at any time is provided.

Legal conformity

Long-term digital archiving allows you to archive your invoices and receipts in compliance with the applicable, country-specific laws, e.g. in compliance with VAT laws and GeBüV (Swiss Accounting Records Regulation) in Switzerland.

The benefits for your business

Clearly structured

Archiving will save you performing time-consuming searches. All documents are kept on file on Conextrade.

Always available

Regardless of where you are: The archiving process using Conextrade ensures your documents remain accessible for you at all times.


Only you can access the data using your Conextrade login.

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