Swiss and international archiving

Access to your archived invoices at any time
Invoices are always ready for an audit
Long-term archiving system is compliant with Swiss VAT and accounting legislation

The long-term electronic archiving of your invoices

Online invoice archiving – from the E-Invoicing and Scanning2E-Invoicing process – simplifies the managing, evaluating and provision for an audit. 

What is Archiving Switzerland and International?

  • Long-term electronic archiving is the unalterable storage of online invoices and scanned paper documents
  • Online invoice data, PDFs, protocols, scanned invoices and digital signatures are stored in the archive
  • Using different search functions, you can access, select, view online, save, print or send your invoices as an e-mail
  • You can check or validate the signature again at any time
  • Using your personal Conextrade login, you can directly access your invoice archive at any time
  • The digital long-term archiving Switzerland solution enables you to archive your invoices and documentation in accordance with Swiss law and in compliance with Swiss VAT and accounting legislation.


If your business also operates outside of Switzerland, the Conextrade Marketplace also offers the digital long-term archiving International solution. Presently available for 40 countries around the globe, the service is constantly being expanded.