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  • Creation e-mail & signature
  • Forwarding to the recipient

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What is E-Invoicing PDF?

PDF-based E-Invoicing means sending an invoice as a PDF by e-mail. The invoicing party sends its invoices to Conextrade as PDF/A files. The PDF invoices are digitally signed by Conextrade – to ensure compliance with Swiss VAT laws on the one hand, and for all countries that legally permit PDF-signed invoices (E-Invoicing International) on the other hand. The invoice recipient then receives the invoices with a PDF signature by means of a signed e-mail.

How does PDF-based E-Invoicing function?


The invoicing party sends the PDF invoices to Conextrade by means of a technical interface.

Creation e-mail & signature

Conextrade signs the PDF invoice, drafts the e-mails and signs them.

Forwarding to the recipient

Signed PDF invoices are forwarded to the invoice recipient in a signed e-mail.

The benefits for your business


The e-mail signature authenticates the sender and guarantees that the content of the e-mail has not been changed during transmission (protection from phishing).

Maximum availability

Virtually all invoice recipients (B2B/B2C) can be reached with this eService. The only requirement is an e-mail account.

Saves costs

Because sending paper-based documents is unnecessary (printing, packaging, postage, handling), you can make considerable cost savings.


By not using paper, you are making an important ecological contribution.

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E-invoicing PDF

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