The electronic purchasing process

  • Digital procurement
  • In combination with the Procure2Pay process
  • Process-optimizing

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What does E-procurement refer to?

E-procurement is the electronic mapping of the complete procurement process – from the selection of products or services through to order approval.


How does the E-procurement process function?

Digital procurement

A secure Internet connection is used to configure the purchasing process electronically.

In combination with the Procure2Pay process

The Procure2Pay process allows you to combine E-procurement with E-Invoicing.

A range of e-procurement applications

Conextrade allows you to choose between different E-procurement applications as software-as-a-service, for example SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management).

The benefits for your business

Processes are optimised

E-procurement ensures you can speed up and optimise processes, as electronic order processing ensures intermediate analogue steps are not required, thereby eliminating potential sources of problems.

Saves costs

Costs decrease because manual process steps are not required.


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