Simple sending of PDF invoices via e-mail

Ideal as a complementary product to E-Invoicing

Electronic invoicing to companies and households

Sending VAT-compliant PDF invoices via email

The invoice issuer sends invoices in the form of a PDF/A file. PDF invoices are signed digitally. Firstly for Swiss VAT compliance, secondly for all countries in which PDF-signed invoices are permitted by law (E-Invoicing International). The invoices with a PDF signature are submitted to the invoice recipient in a signed e-mail.

  • The biller sends the PDF messages via a technical interface to Conextrade.
  • Conextrade creates the e-mails and signs the PDF invoices.
  • Signed PDF invoices are forwarded with a signed email to the bill recipient.
  • The email signature authenticates the sender and ensures that the content of the e-mail has not been altered during transmission (phishing).
  • Almost all bill recipients (B2B/B2C) can be reached using this eService. The only requirement is an e-mail account.
  • Reminders can also be sent via this solution.
  • A worthwhile service for bypassing the sending of paper by post.
  • An important ecological contribution by eliminating paper-based processes.