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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) at a glance

The EDI Transaction Management service is aimed at purchasing companies and suppliers that would like to make their complete procurement process fully electronic and compatible with any media. A single point of contact allows you to create an efficient and powerful connection to your trading partners and hence significantly reduce your process and transaction costs. Data exchange takes place completely separately to hardware or software platforms and communications platforms, and you can select whether the applications should be operated inhouse at your company or on our premises as part of outsourcing.

How does EDI function?


Swisscom ensures access to Conextrade by means of a range of different network and transfer protocols and correctly forwards all documents.


If necessary, network and communications protocols, along with the data, are either converted, or allocated to documents respectively.


The E-Invoicing service also allows a digital signature to be added to invoice data.

The benefits for your business


One single interface for communication minimises the potential for faults, reduces the complexity, simplifies your everyday business and thereby saves ressources.


You can exchange electronic data with all your customers or suppliers that are connected to Conextrade, another platform or another provider (interworking).


Conextrade guarantees transfer and conversion of a range of data and document formats.


Use of the Conextrade platform is more effective, as well as significantly less expensive than direct point-to-point connections.

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