A communications interface
Technology, system and platform-agnostic
Communicate with other providers over Conextrade

Exchanging data electronically with customers, suppliers and partners

Electronic Data Interchange - abbreviated to EDI - is the simple and reliable solution for exchanging electronic data securely within a company.

What is Electronic Data Interchange?

  • You can quickly and reliably transmit data electronically via Conextrade. As with a direct point-to-point connection, but significantly cheaper,
  • Swisscom ensures access to Conextrade via various network and transmission protocols and forwards all documents correctly (routing)
  • If necessary, the network and communication protocols and the data are converted or assigned to the documents (mapping). In addition, the invoice data is digitally signed using the E-Invoicing service
  • You can exchange electronic data with all customers or suppliers that are connected to Conextrade, another platform or a different provider (interworking)
  • In addition to classic EDI, E-Procurement and E-Invoicing also are a part of the electronic exchange of documents 

The Conextrade offers numerous national and international interworking connections, including these platforms:



OB10 / Tungsten Network Postfinance/yellowbill
Infonet/400Net SIX Paynet
IBM Global Services Abanet
Editel/eXite Descartes/B2Bnet
Brain2 SyTwo
Comarch exxTainer/SwissTainer
Crossinx Accantus/Stepcom
Evry Markant
GXS Global eXchange Services/OpenText  
Pranke - eGate Service  
KNV (Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH)  


Our certification:

Swisscom is a member GS1 Switzerland (Global Standard One) and Conextrade is a GS1-certified Clearing Centre. 


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