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Managed Supplier Rollout

Managed Supplier Rollout

Ideal for companies with resource bottlenecks

Rollout by Swisscom specialists according to your specifications

Accelerated transfer with electronic processes

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A well planned supplier rollout simplifies the expansion of electronic processes

Using the Managed Supplier Rollout, you can easily expand your electronic procurement and invoicing processes to a wide variety of suppliers. The better the rollout is planned, the faster you will benefit from the many advantages of Conextrade.

This is Managed Supplier Rollout

  • Our experienced specialists manage the supplier rollout for you
  • Prior to the rollout, we define with you all the important points, for example, supplier segments, timelines, goals and communication texts
  • A Managed Supplier Rollout is the solution for all companies that have little or no resources
  • With the web-based rollout manager, you can implement your own rollout projects efficiently
  • The rollout manager uses supplier lists to send automated invitations, prepares the customer profiles on the Conextrade portal accounts, creates accounts and establishes connections between you and your suppliers automatically
  • Your suppliers need only activate their accounts and enter their master data