Digital billing in your e-banking portal thanks to eBill

Swisscom is an eBill network partner, making your company processes even simpler. Thanks to eBill, you’ll get your bills directly in your e-banking portal and be able to pay them with just a few mouse clicks.



What does this mean for your comapnys?

As an eBill network partner, Conextrade from Swisscom will ensure that digital bills are sent to eBill and, therefore, to the relevant bank’s e-banking portal. Private and business customers will therefore be able to check and pay their bills easily with just a few clicks.

What other benefits does Conextrade from Swisscom offer your company?

Digitised processes help to improve and simplify your day-to-day business, reduce your costs and make your company more efficient. Would you like further details? You can find comprehensive information about the wide range of services offered by Conextrade on the Conextrade website.



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