Digitise your paper-based invoices

  • We manage your physical letterbox
  • The processing steps for the complete digitalisation of paper-based and PDF invoices
  • Structured datasets

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What is Scanning2E-Invoicing?

The scanning solution is the first step in the processing chain and is used for drawing up invoices. Scanning2E-Invoicing allows you to receive all accounts payable electronically and in compliance with VAT laws using Conextrade, regardless of whether your supplier issues its invoices electronically only, by means of PDFs, or using paper.


How does Scanning2E-Invoicing work?

Sent to your inbox

We manage your physical letterbox for paper-based invoices as well as your e-mail inbox for PDF invoices for you.


This covers the processing steps for the complete digitalisation of paper-based and PDF invoices: Classification, extraction, validation and post-indexing, through to the creation of electronic invoices in the form of structured and signed data sets.

Dataset generation

Following scanning, the electronic invoice data pass through the same process and invoices that arrived as e-invoices (validation, mapping, signature, etc.).

The benefits for your business


We’ll take care of all the processing steps for accounts payable, from the inbox to scanning paper-based invoices through to the electronic invoices, which we generate as structured datasets.

Legally secure

The scanned and digitally signed invoice that is sent as a PDF attachment to the e-invoice is considered a legally relevant document.


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