All incoming paper and pdf invoices are digitalised
The signed scan is legally valid
Optimum combination with E-Invoicing

Digitalisation of your paper invoices

Thanks to Scanning2E-Invoicing, you receive all creditor invoices coming through Conextrade electronically and VAT-compliant. This is regardless of whether your supplier provides the invoices purely electronically, as a pdf or on paper.

This is Scanning2E-Invoicing

  • With our professional document scanners we achieve the highest possible scan quality
  • Invoice scanning is at the beginning of the processing chain and the basis of the invoice entry
  • We handle the entire work process for creditor invoices, including the mailbox, scanning paper invoices and electronic invoices, which we generate as structured data records
  • The scanning solution is an early scanning process which generates structured data for the subsequent processes. This is in contrast to post-scanning processes, which are mainly used to generate image files for archiving
  • After scan, the electronic invoice data goes through the same processes as invoices that are processed electronically
  • The scanned and digitally signed invoice, which is also sent as a pdf attachment, is a legally valid document.