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Contact centers exist in all conceivable shapes and sizes: They can be installed on site for customers, sourced from the Cloud or managed externally by an outsourcing partner. Agents work at either a central site or at different locations, on a desktop or in a mobile setting. Although the requirements may be varied, the objective is the same: to solidify customer relationships.

Would you like to provide your customers with an even better level of support, increase the productivity of your agents and optimise your processes yourself? Or would you prefer to employ experienced call center specialists who will handle these tasks for you, thus leaving you with valuable time to perform your core activities? We provide the needs-based solution for contact centers of all types and sizes - allow us to inspire and convince you!

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Customer Interaction Management (CIM)

Swisscom’s contact center, call center and premium video solutions and services are based on non-industry-specific end-to-end customer interaction solutions; from consulting and ranging to setup, including 24/7 operation.

Customer Interaction Management

Tailored solutions for companies, irrespective of industry and size; available to purchase or rent throughout Switzerland and internationally.

Cloud Contact Center Services

Through the Automated Call Transfer with the Cloud Contact Center you are not only increasing the availability of call center specialists for your customers, but you also optimize the use of your resources.

Cloud Contact Center

You can improve your customer experience with the Cloud Contact Center without having to limit your options to a specific technology or invest in infrastructure.

Swisscom Services AG

Swisscom Services AG offers companies everything they need for a speedy and successful implementation of outsourcing projects within the customer service field. We are with you every step of the way; from consulting to concept to operation.

Call Center Services

Inbound Call Center Services: With over 100 employees at seven locations in Switzerland Swisscom Services is always here for your customers.

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